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Beastie Bar

Beastie Bar








        • Gluten-Free
        • All-Natural
        • Made in the USA
        • Highly Digestible


        • Only available in 20-pack through Amazon


        Turkey Beastie Bar

        All-Natural Energy For Dogs

        The Beastie Bar is an all-natural high protein treat bar made just for dogs. The bar is full of wholesome ingredients to keep your pup active and energized. They’re highly digestible and great for pups on special diets. Every ingredient in these delicious treats are packed together with all-natural preservatives and gluten-free ingredients. The Beastie bar is a perfect mess-free snack for on-the-go healthy pups.

        There are three delicious high-protein flavors; turkey, beef, and chicken. They’re great for your pups’ digestion, immune system, and heart. With the Beastie Bar you don’t have to compromise healthy ingredients for a yummy taste to reward your pups. They’re full of all-natural ingredients carefully chosen with your dog’s needs in mind. They have a great chewy texture, and you can see the delicious chunks of fruits and vegetables as soon as you unwrap it.

        At only 4”, it’s the perfect size to throw in your pocket, car, or purse to save for your pup for later. They also have a shelf life of eighteen months so you won’t have to worry about accidentally feeding your pup expired treats. They’re free from any chemical preservatives and artificial flavors. All three flavors contain the same wholesome, all-natural core ingredients. They’re healthy, non greasy, and won’t leave any crumbs around your car or house! The Beastie Bar contains only high quality ingredients, and is affordable on nearly any budget; you may have just found your pup’s new favorite treat. 



        All of the ingredients in these nutritious treats were hand picked with dogs in minds. From the highly digestible fruits and vegetables, to the all-natural sweeteners and preservatives. Beastie Bars are made in the USA, with no artificial chemical preservatives, artificial flavoring, or gluten.  All three flavors have the same core ingredients, with only one difference between the flavors. In addition to the following ingredients, the Beef Beastie Bar contains Beef, the chicken Beastie Bar contains chicken, and the Turkey Beastie Bar contains all-natural turkey. The beef, chicken, and turkey are made with USA raised animals for a healthy high-protein taste you can trust.  The remainder of the ingredients for all three flavors are: vegetable glycerin, sea salt, sweet potato, pumpkin, peas, carrot, apple, banana, parsley, celery powder, raw honey, mixed tocopherols, vitamin E, rosemary extract, and apple cider vinegar.


        Are These Right For My Pup?

        Chicken Beastie BarEvery single ingredient included in these treats benefit your pup’s health; absolutely no empty calories. Everything from the fruits and vegetables to the all-natural preservatives and vitamins were chosen with dogs in mind. These delicious snacks are also great for dogs with allergies because they don’t contain wheat, corn, or soy. You can trust that these treats will be easy for your furry friend to digest, and contain only the highest quality ingredients made right here in the USA.

        Fruits and Vegetables

        The apples are are great for digestion because they contain fiber; they also contain vitamins A and C which are both extremely important for dogs. Vitamin C (also found in the carrots and sweet potatoes) fights off infections, respiratory issues, and even cancer in dogs. Several breeds in particular benefit from extra Vitamin C because of their tendency to get glaucoma; spaniels, terriers, basset hounds, and beagles.  Vitamin A (also found in the peas and pumpkin) will help your pup obtain healthy skin and a shiny coat of fur.  The peas also contain healthy anti-oxidants and support healthy eye sight for your pups. The sweet potatoes not only contain Vitamin C, but they are also an anti-diabetic and help to fight off infections. 

        The carrots are full of vitamin A, K, and C and provide a variety of health benefits for dogs. Click here to find out more about the health benefits of carrots for dogs and to check out some of our favorite nutritional carrot dog treats. The pumpkin is also a healthy addition to these treats; pumpkins help to support your pup’s urinary tract and contain vitamin A, iron, and potassium. The banana will help to stimulate your pup’s brain and give them energy to play through out the day; and the parsley helps to keep your pup’s breath fresh, and promotes a healthy kidney. Vitamin E is great for your pup’s heart, immune system, and muscles.

        All-Natural Preservatives

        All of the nutritious all-natural ingredients are bound together with honey, which is a healthier alternative to soy and corn binders; honey can even fight allergies and benefit pups with respiratory issues. The honey also gives these treats a kick of energy without any added sugar or chemical ingredients. The treats also have a vinegar – based preservative which is a healthier alternative to other chemical preservatives often found in dog treats.  

        Hormone Free Protein

        All three flavors contain a low fat, high-protein nutrient combination. At 40% protein, and only 10% fat, your pup will be getting a great deal of protein without all the extra fat that typically accompanies meat based treats. The beef, chicken, and turkey are all hormone-free which prevents harmful chemicals from reaching these delicious treats. Hormone-free meat sources are also beneficial for dogs with sensitive stomaches. 

        How Much Should I Feed My Pup? 

        Beef Beastie Bar

        Dogs under ten pounds can be fed up to a full treat per day, small pups under twenty five pounds can be fed up to two treats per day, dogs under fifty pounds can have up to three treats per day, and larger dogs can have up to four treats per day. They’re intentionally wrapped individually to increase freshness and provide a handy no-mess snack for your pup.

        The Beastie bar is individually wrapped, making it great for packing away for a healthy snack. We also love these treats because they don’t leave behind any crumbs or grease. They’re one of the healthiest, mess-free snacks on the market. Inevitably, all that matters is that that your dog is eating safe, healthy, treats and that they actually enjoy eating them.The Beastie bar is great for digestion, and formulated just for dogs; our pup testers give them 2 paws up.

        Once you find out how much your dog loves these bars, you can purchase a 20 pack from Amazon; they have a shelf life of 18 months so you won’t have to worry about feeding your pup expired treats. Even the finickiest eaters love these treats, they’re a great way to give picky eaters something nutritious as a reward, treat, or just a snack.

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