ChuckIt Tennis Balls Review

ChuckIt Tennis Ball

ChuckIt Tennis Ball



    Interactive Fun





        • Easy to find in the grass
        • Has compatible launcher
        • Many size options


        • Not good for passive play
        • Can be very messy if destroyed
        • Can be bad for teeth


        Chuckit! brand Tennis Balls for dogs come in sizes from Small to Extra Large.  Designed especially for the game of fetch, these dog friendly tennis balls are constructed as a normal tennis ball would be, where two rubber half shells are glued together to form the core, then wrapped in a felt-like material. These tennis balls however, have a thicker core than you would find on a standard, human tennis ball.  This provides added weight for throwing distance and added durability against being flattened from chewing.  These balls come in a bright orange color that makes them easier to find, but that’s actually just for your visibility, as your pup will see the ball as dark yellow in color.

        About The Company

        Chuckit! built their entire brand around the de facto toy for dogs, the tennis ball.  Walk into any pet store and you’ll see the distinct orange and blue their toys are known for. Priding themselves on interactive dog toys, the Chuckit! brand develops toys that are not designed for solo play.  The Chuckit! goal is to help dog owners develop a deeper bond with their furry best friends, and it shows across their entire product line.  From fetch balls to frisbee-like boomerangs, to fumbling footballs, to fetching floater toys, it’s all about building that special pet to owner bond.  

        Who is this for?

        These balls are for active, two- way play.  They are meant to be thrown so that your pup can bring the ball back to you… to throw yet again.  If catch is your or your dog’s favorite game, then this toy is perfect for you! If sometimes you lose a ball in the woods and your pup doesn’t find it for you, the bright orange color should be highly visible to you, making this ball an even better buy.  However, these balls are NOT meant to be left with your pup to entertain themselves.  

        What happens if they are left with your pup to use as a chew toy?  You will end up with small bits of orange felt all over your house, and likely in your dog’s stomach because they have ingested the felt after chewing on it excessively. If you let your dog have these balls as chew toys, you’ll end up with two halves of what used to be a tennis ball lying about your home when the ball splits at the glued seam on the core.

        If you’re not one to participate in active play and then put the ball away afterwards, you are likely to regret this purchase.  In addition, if your pup has a strong jaw and is one to constantly chomp down on balls while returning with it in their mouths, these balls likely will not last long. The strong chewing action will split the core in two inside the felt after enough strong chomps.  These tennis balls with definitely out last any regular tennis ball but unfortunately, they will not last long for ball obsessed dogs that are intense chewers.

        Flaws but Not Dealbreakers

        There is lettering that resembles a form of sticker on the tennis balls that have the Chuckit! logo imprinted on them.  This sticker often comes off at some point through general use.  While this isn’t the end of the world, it is something to look out for, as the sticker could be consumed by your dog and cause problems such as choking or digestive issues.  Just keeping this concern in the back of your mind during active play should be sufficient, as you’ll be more prone to check the sticker from time to time.  Some people will be upset with the sticker coming off, but the tennis ball still serves it’s intended purpose, so this shouldn’t be a deal breaker.  

        What about the mess?

        Fuzz, fuzz everywhere.  If you were to let your dog play with the tennis ball alone, unsupervised, we can assure you there will be little orange balls of fuzz all over your home.  Dogs seem to love to pinch at the felt coating and pull it off of the core.  This means little orange tumble weeds throughout your home, on your dog, potentially in your dog, and in your back yard where your dog would expel any consumed fuzz.  It’s really not a good idea for these balls to be left alone with your dog.

        Beyond the fuzz, the ball will break down into two halves.  The rubber core that makes these halves has proved to be of higher quality than say a discount store tennis ball, which is encouraging. But the core still shouldn’t become chewed up chunks of rubber everywhere should your pup accidentally get a hold of one of these balls without supervision.  There are no guarantees though, it’s entirely possible that there are dogs out there strong enough to tear up the rubber core as well.

        launcherBetter than a Normal Tennis Ball

        We have already discussed that these Chuckit! balls are much stronger and more suitable for dog play than your average, human tennis ball which makes them worth the purchase. However,
        there is another reason why these dog-specific balls are better: Chuckit! company makes an accompanying throwing arm for the ball!! The worst and most discouraging part about playing fetch with your playful pooch is having to touch the slobber covered ball they return to you. Grabbing that moist, felt ball is a disgusting task you won’t have to do ever again when you purchase the Chuckit! Launcher. You will love being able to avoid all the dog slobber and your dog will love you more because you will be willing to play fetch for longer, and the launcher will launch the ball farther than ever for your energetic pooch to chase after.

        Health Concerns

        Did you know the felt from tennis balls can wear down a dog’s enamel on their teeth?  While this isn’t a concern for the limited use that this ball is intended for (playing fetch with your pups), it’s all the more reason why tennis balls should not be left with your pup to use as a chew toy.  

        The Superior Alternative

        ultra-ballIf this ball just isn’t going to cut it for you or your pup but you still want a ball to play fetch with, we suggest purchasing the Chuckit! Ultra ball. Available in a range of sizes, the Ultra ball is made of a durable rubber that will last longer than and not make a giant mess like the tennis balls would. These balls are thicker for stronger dogs and they float making them perfect for days at the lake or pool. Another bonus of the Ultra ball is that it fits perfectly in the Chuckit! Launcher as well!

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