Etta Says Little Bitz Dog Treats Review

Etta Says Peanut Butter Treats

Etta Says Peanut Butter Treats






      • All-Natural
      • Made in the USA
      • No Added Grains


      • Not Organic

      Etta Says Little BitzEtta Says Little Bitz

      Etta says little bitz are grain-free, all-natural, and easy to digest. Each treat is about ½” in diameter, you may need to split them in half for toy sized breeds. Etta says uses only 100% meat and all-natural ingredients for all of their treats. They’re great for training, rewards, or even as one time treats. Dogs of all sizes love these treats because of their chewy texture. They’re healthier than a lot of treats on the market and are full of protein. If you’re looking for a tasty and inexpensive treat for your pup, you’ve come to the right place!

      Looking for a fun new way to spoil your pup? These Etta Says Little Bitz fit perfectly in the OutwardHound Treat Chaser puzzle ball. Just throw some in the ball and your pup will stay engaged and excited until they can get all of the treats to release!

      Etta says little bitz are available in four flavors; peanut butter, toasted coconut, savory bacon, and chicken pot pie. Every bag comes in a resealable bag and is made with wholesome grain-free, all-natural ingredients. You can purchase individual bags, or order your pup a bundle for a discounted price right through Amazon.

      Are These Right For My pup?

      All four varieties are grain-free, all-natural, and made right here in the US. No matter which flavor you decide to purchase for your pup, they’ll be getting the same seven core ingredients; Pea Flour, chickpea flour, milled flax seed, glycerin, citric acid, mixed tocopherols, and rosemary extract.  Each flavor then has it’s own unique additional ingredients to give them a delicious taste your pup will love.

      The seven core ingredients in Etta Says Little Bitz give the treats a moist, soft texture that will surely get your pup excited at treat time! Pea flour is actually beneficial to dogs in reasonable amounts, it contains fiber, calcium, and iron. The ChickPea Flour is a good source of protein for your pup and also contains fiber and potassium. Milled flax seed contains healthy fats that will keep your pup’s skin and fur healthy and beautiful. While not all glycerin is healthy for dogs, the glycerin derived from plants used in these treats is perfectly healthy for dogs.Tocopherols and citric acid are both natural preservatives that replace chemical preservatives that can harm your pup. Rosemary Extract is also a natural preservative that replaces unhealthy chemical preservatives often found in dog food.

      Peanut Butter Little Bitz

      etta says peanut butterDogs of all sizes get excited for these treats because of their chewy texture and peanut butter taste. They’re a healthy, high protein treat. If you’re looking for a tasty and inexpensive treat for your pup, you’ve found the right treats! You can purchase our favorite to-go size through Kai’s treat sampler bundle, or buy a bag for your pup through Amazon; either way, you’re getting a great treat for a great price.

      Ingredients: Pea Flour, peanut butter, chickpea flour, milled flax seed, apples, glycerin, honey, can molasses, citric acid, mixed tocopherols, and rosemary extract.  

      As you can see the peanut butter little bitz contain three additional ingredients to make this flavor unique and savory. The apples are great for your pup’s digestion, and the honey is a healthy alternative to some artificial sweeteners; honey also fights allergies and benefits pups with respiratory issues.  Lastly, we all know that the peanut butter is the yummy part that gets your pup excited. Your pup will love how delicious these treats are, and you can feel good about giving them a nutritious treat.

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      Etta Says Treats To Go 

      Etta To GoAvoid the mess and the bulky packaging with these convenient training treats. Etta says peanut butter little bitz are now available in a to go canister! These treats are perfect for training and come in a mess-free handy packaging to take with you on the go. They come in an air-tight container, which is not only convenient for traveling, but also helps to keep the treats fresh.  The can itself is only three inches tall and at only 1.3 ounces you can fit it just about anywhere you go with your pup. They also have a shelf life of 18 months so you won’t have to worry about the treats going bad before your pup gets a chance to eat them up; throw them in your car or your purse and you won’t have to worry about leaving treats at home again! 

      Purchase To Go Size Via Kai’s Sampler Bundle       Purchase Bag Through


      Etta Says Chicken Pot Pie Little Bitz

      etta says chicken pot pieEtta says chicken pot pie bitz have a delicious blend of nutrient rich ingredients and natural preservatives to keep your pup energized and ready to play. These treats are grain-free, full of protein, and made in the US; you can feel just as good about these treats as your pup will.

      Ingredients: Pea Flour, Milled Flax Seed, Chicken, ChickPea Flour, Sweet Potato, Glycerin, Brown Sugar, Cane Molasses, Citric Acid, Mixed Tocopherols, Rosemary Extract.

      In addition to the seven core ingredients these treats contain Sweet Potato, brown Sugar, and Cane Molasses. Sweet potatoes are just as good for you dog as they are for you! They’re full of fiber (great for digestion), and also contain healthy nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, and manganese. Both the brown sugar and the cane molasses give these treats a taste your pup will love, and are perfectly okay for dogs in moderation.

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      Etta Says Savory Bacon Little Bitz

      Etta says savory bacon You’ll be happy to hear that these treats are nutrient rich, high in protein, and easy to digest, and
      the chewy texture and rich smell of bacon are sure to get your pup excited for these treats!

      Ingredients: Pea Flour, Milled Flax Seed, Pork, ChickPea Flour, Apples, Glycerin, Brown Sugar, Cane Molasses, Natural Smoke Flavor, Citric Acid, Mixed Tocopherols, Rosemary Extract.

      These treats have three additional ingredients to give them a delicious bacon taste. Both the brown sugar and the cane molasses give the treats a sweeter taste and are okay for your pup in moderation.  The natural smoke flavor is obtained through an all-natural process and gives these treats a savory bacon taste without any harmful chemicals.

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      Etta Says Toasted Coconut Little Bitz

      Etta says toasted coconutIngredients: Pea Flour, Milled Flax Seed, Coconut, Chick Pea Flour, Glycerin, Brown Sugar, Cane Molasses, Coconut Oil, Citric Acid, Mixed Tocopherols, Rosemary Extract.

      The Toasted Coconut Little Bitz contain similar ingredients to the other varieties with one major exception.  Coconut oil is one of the healthiest (if not the healthiest) natural oil for your pups. Coconut oil contains antioxidants, and helps to combat (and prevent) illness and may even have some cancer fighting abilities! It will also help you pup obtain a healthy and beautiful coat of fur.  

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