Kai’s Treat Sampler Bundle For Dogs

Kai's Treat Sampler Bundle*

Kai's Treat Sampler Bundle*








        • Good Assortment Of Treats
        • Priced Lower Than If Purchased Individually
        • Some Very Healthy Options


        • No Organic Treats
        • Some Options Are Just Treats, Not Nutrition

        20160627_201045Kai’s Treat Sampler Bundle includes a variety of five high quality all-natural treats, perfect for any pup. The bundle includes a Beastie Bar, Barking Bus, Etta Says treats to go, Stewart Pro Treats, and a Red Barn Fetcher.  Kai’s Treat Sampler will allow your pup to try an assortment of all – natural treats perfect for training, rewards, or just as a healthy snack.

        Beastie Bar

        The Beastie Bar is a gluten & hormone free all-natural turkey dog treat made in the U.S.  It’s a perfect mess-free snack for on-the-go healthy pups. Kai picked these treats because they’re delicious, and we picked them because they’re highly digestible and nutritious. Kai’s Treat Sampler Bundle includes (1) 0.8oz Beastie Bar.  For a more detailed look at the Beastie Bar, check out our in depth review found here.

        Barking Bus

        The Barking Bus is an all-natural tasty dog treat for any size breed. They’re bite – sized animal cookies for fun-loving pups. Kai’s bundle includes a 24-pack of animal treats; perfect for training, rewards, or just a snack. Your pup will love them because they’re a delicious cookie made just for them, you’ll love them because they’re an all-natural treat even the finickiest eaters will enjoy. Kai’s Treat Sampler Bundle includes (1) 1.5oz box of Barking Bus Treats. For a more in detailed look at the Barking Bus, check out our in depth review found here.

        Etta Says Treats To Go

        Kai loves these Etta treats because they’re a delicious peanut butter flavor, and we love them because they’re full of protein, with no added grains. These treats are perfect for training and come in a mess-free handy packaging to take with you on the go. Kai’s Treat Sampler Bundle includes (1) 1.3oz vial of Etta Says Peanut Butter Treats To Go. For a more in detailed look at the Etta Says To Go Treats, check out our in depth review found here.

        Stewart Pro-Treats

        These Stewart pro-treats are great for picky eaters and pups with allergies. They have the same nutritional value as 100% raw liver and contain only one ingredient. Stewart Pro–treats have been used for training for 40 years and are also great as one time treats.  They come in a mess-free package, and they’re as healthy as they are tasty – the best of both worlds. Kai’s Treat Sampler Bundle Includes (1) 0.45oz canister of Beef Stewart Pro-Treats. For a more in detailed look at Stewart Pro-Treats, check out our in depth review found here.

        Red Barn Fetcher

        The last item in Kai’s Treat Bundle is a 6” Red Barn Fetcher Bully Stick. They’re highly palatable, and great for even the pickiest pups. They have a tasty chewy outside, and a crunchy inner layer. They’re grain-free, and healthy enough for any breed of pup at any life stage. These fetchers are great for your pup’s teeth, and they even help to support healthy chewing habits.  Kai’s Treat Sampler Bundle includes (1) 1oz 6 Inch Red Barn Fetcher Treat. For a more in detailed look at the Fetcher Treat, check out our in depth review found here.


        $13.99 @ KaiKrates.com


        * Purchase of the Kai’s Treat Sampler Bundle qualifies for the Kai Rewards Program

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