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          • Replaceable Squeaker
          • Enhanced Stitching
          • Stuffing-Free


            Outward Hound Invincibles Dog Toys

            Outward Hound Invincibles dogsOutward Hound makes four varieties of Invincibles dog toys for aggressive pups; Minis, Geckos, Snakes, and the Tough Seamz Gecko. All lines are made with durable materials, stuffing-free, and have squeakers that continue to squeak after they’ve been punctured. Whether you have a tiny pup that likes to chew, or a larger dog that plays rough, you can find the right Invincibles to suit their needs.

            While the Invincibles are all fairly durable, heavy chewers will most likely find a way to destroy it. For its price, it’s one of the better stuff-less toys out there.  The squeaker lasts a bit longer than most comparable toys on the market.  While the collection may not live up to their name of “invincibles”, these stuffing free toys are engaging, fairly durable, and appropriately priced in the lower range at around $10. Some dog owners have found ways to replace the squeakers once they have been removed which can increase the lifespan of interest your pup has in it.  Larger, more aggressive dogs may have success ripping off the feet of the different variations.

            Most dogs will successfully remove the squeaker(s) appealing to their natural hunting instincts. Once the squeaker is removed some dogs will naturally lose interest. All hope is not lost though, as there are replacement squeakers you can purchase online.


            Invincibles Minis

            Outward Hound Invincibles MiniLooking for a durable toy for your aggressive little pup? This outward hound stuffing free toy is ideal for smaller dogs that love squeakers and dog parents that don’t want to deal with the mess that comes along with stuffing. This particular Outward Hound toy is ideal for smaller dogs that need something tougher to play with.

            These stuffing–free toys are ideal for any small dog that loves squeakers.  There’s an assortment of different animals in the Invincibles mini collection; a pig, hedgehog, duck, and a dog. All four variations have a soft texture and durable design. The sizes range from 6″-7” in length and are reinforced with double – layered seams, which will also make it difficult for dogs to rip out the squeaker. Dura-tuff inner lining also prevents your dog from ripping the seams out immediately. The squeaker continues to squeak even after your dog punctures it to keep your dog interested longer than a typical squeaker toy. 

            Is this right for my dog?

            If you’re looking for an affordable toy that can withstand your dog’s aggressive chew, you may have found the perfect toy. A passive dog will be lighter on their toys and will definitely get a decent playing time out of this one. If you have a really aggressive chewer on your hands, they may be able to chew some of the weaker areas off (such as the legs) after some time.  They’re lightweight which makes them easy for even the tiniest of dogs to carry around with them, they also have a soft outer layer that makes them a favorite amongst our puppy testers. 

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            Invincibles Geckos

            Outward Hound Invincibles GeckoThe Invincibles Gecko is designed for tougher chewers that destroy their plush toys too fast. They have two layers of reinforced fabric to protect the squeaker from your dogs’ teeth. There are two sizes available, the smaller 14″ gecko includes two squeakers and the longer 18″ version includes four. You can chose from three color varieties to find the perfect furry friend for your pup. They’re soft, cuddly, and stuffing-free which means no mess for you!

            Is this right for my dog?

            These stuffing free squeaky toys are perfect for larger dogs that easily chew through other toys. They’re re-enforced with dura-tuff inner lining and have squeakers that continue to squeak after your pup manages to puncture them. Even the toughest chewers will get a great deal of play time out of this toy. Eventually your pup may be able to rip off the legs and tail, fortunately there won’t be any stuffing to clean up afterwards.

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            Invincibles Snake

            Outward Hound Invincibles SnakeIf you have a larger pup on your hands, the snake may just be their new favorite toy. They’re available in three sizes; the 21.5 inch snake contains three squeakers, the 40 inch snake contains six squeakers, and the 60 inch snake contains twelve squeakers; all three sizes are three inches wide, and two inches tall. Along with the other varieties of Invincibles, the snakes are stuffing free, and are re-enforced with two thick layers of fabric. They’re available in two bright colors and sizes through Amazon.

            Is this toy right for my dog?

            Larger dogs absolutely love this toy because of its incredible length and durability. With so many squeakers, it’s sure to keep your pup occupied for a while. All three sizes are tough, soft, and durable enough to handle even the toughest chewers. The unique shape and texture will get your pup excited, and you can get excited about the price and mess-free play.

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            Invincibles Tough Seamz Gecko

            Outward Hound Invincibles GeckoThe Invincibles Tough Seamz Gecko is available in two sizes, both designed with larger dogs in mind. The smaller 15″ gecko contains two squeakers, and the larger 19″ version contains four. The gecko will make an engaging crinkle sound when your pup plays with it, and the squeakers will continue to squeak after your dog punctures them. You’re going to love the stuffing-free no mess design, and your pup will love the intricate shape. Both sizes are extremely affordable at around $10 from Amazon. 

            Is this toy right for my dog?

            These gecko’s are perfect for both active and passive playing pups. They have two layers of sewing and fabric to prevent your pup from ripping them to shreds immediately. They also have shorter limbs which makes them harder to tear apart. A lot of puppy testers manage to get through the first layer of sewing, but not the second. Fortunately, the stuffing-free design prevents your heavy chewer from leaving a trail of stuffing around your house.

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            Invincibles Plush Frog

            Outward Hound Invincibles FrogThe Invincibles Plush Frog is ideal for all sized dogs. They’re thin enough for medium sized dogs to chew on, and large enough to handle larger heavy chewers. There are two sizes and colors available perfect for any pup over three months of age. The smaller version is about 13″ in length and contains four squeakers, the larger version is 16″ and contains six squeakers. All of the included squeakers will continue to squeak after your pup manages to puncture them to keep your pup engaged longer.

            Is this toy right for my dog?

            The Outward Hound Invincibles frog is tough enough for even the strongest chewers. It has two re-enforced layers of seams and is stuffing-free to prevent your pup from making a mess.Its soft outer layer and bright color makes theses toys a puppy favorite. The frog is perfect for fetch, tug of war, or just to keep your pup occupied while they chew away at it. Our puppy testers give these toys two paws up, and we give them two thumbs up for their price and durability.

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