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Finding the perfect bed for your pup


Dog BedLet’s face it, some dog beds just weren’t designed with dogs in mind. There are so many different styles on the market, it can be hard to sift through the madness and find the perfect fit for your pup. Your dog deserve a comfortable bed that will make them feel like part of the family, and you deserve a safe and affordable bed that your pup will enjoy using. Price, ease of cleaning, your dog’s size, and sleeping style are all factors to consider before purchasing a bed. A designer bed might look cute in your living room, but if your dog doesn’t actually use it, you’ve just wasted money on a purchase your pup won’t appreciate.


Why Does My Dog Need A Bed?

comfortable dog bedWhile your pup may love to cuddle up next to you while they sleep, every dog needs a bed to call their own. If your dog is constantly jumping up and down from the couch or a bed, it’s not only bad for their joints, but it helps to spread dog hair and dander around your house. A dog’s bed will give them a sense of security while you’re out, and a place that will always be for them. Once you find the perfect fit for your pup, you’ll soon see how much your dog can love their very own bed.


What Bed Is Right For My Dog?

The first thing you need to figure out is the type of bed that will suit your dog’s unique needs. Donut beds are great for pups that like to curl up in a ball like our chihuahua Kai, your pup will also enjoy being able to lay their head up on the lifted pillow. Ifcute dog bed you’ve got a larger pup that just likes to lay out, you can consider a regular bed without bolsters, they’re flat and cozy and your pup will have something to lay their head up on. If you really want to spoil your pup you can consider purchasing an orthopedic dog bed; they’re not only great for dogs with joint problems, they also help to prevent future aches in pains for your pup. You can find almost any style of bed in an orthopedic version.


Once you decide on the type of bed you want, you’re going to want to pay special attention to the material used. There are beds designed specifically for dogs that like to chew and are rougher on their beds. You’re also going to want to make sure you find beds that are easily washed; once the bed begins to smell (which won’t take too long), you’re going to want to be able to clean it fairly easily.  You can also find beds that are waterproof and easily used outside if need be. You shouldn’t have to compromise on anything when it comes to purchasing the perfect spot for your dog; find one that works for both you and your pup.


Orthopedic Dog Beds

Orthopedic Dog BedOrthopedic dog beds are especially beneficial for dogs with joint issues; as your pup gets older you’ll have more of a reason to justify the added support (and price). Large dogs especially often develop hip problems, if you purchase an orthopedic dog bed with memory foam you might actually prevent your pup from developing painful (and expensive) health problems. Not all orthopedic dog beds have memory foam, but you’re definitely going to want to find one that does. Memory foam will support your pup’s body and won’t wear out with continued use. Memory foam will also take pressure off of your pup’s joints and can give them better sleep for more energy. The best memory foam will have somewhere between 2” and 3” memory foam (much like the memory foam used for human mattresses).


There are several levels of memory foam that you can consider for your dog’s weight and size, the larger the weight of support, the more supportive the bed will be. To give you some perspective, the best grade available for dogs is 5lb. memory foam. If your dog has neck or shoulder problems you can buy an orthopedic bed with bolsters for head and neck support. Considering the medical bills that you can avoid if you purchase an orthopedic bed, it’s definitely something you want to consider.


Donut Dog Beds

Donut Dog BedIf you’ve got a smaller dog that easily gets cold (like a chihuahua), we would definitely suggest a donut bed. You may notice that your pup likes to be curled up and burrowed under blankets, this is a sign that they’re going to need a cozier bed with bolsters or a cave. Dog beds like Kai’s favorite cave give smaller dogs a cozy place to snooze. The style also keeps dogs warm without the extra cost of purchasing a heated dog bed.  Donut beds can keep your pup calm, warm, and relaxed when you’re not around.


Dog Beds with Bolsters

dog bed bolstersBolsters on dog beds will help your pup’s head stay comfortable and elevated. If you’ve got a dog that always likes to lay their head up on the edge of the couch or a pillow, this is the way to go. They’re especially great for large dogs who may not fit into a donut bed but still need the comfort and support. Make sure the material used on the cover will be able to withstand your pup’s nails, and that it is thick enough to support your dog’s weight.


Outdoor Dog Beds

Outdoor Dog BedWe know it’s getting hot out and your pup is going to want to be part of all the outdoor play; however, asphalt is often too hot for dogs to lay on. You may want to consider purchasing a dog cot for your pup so that they can stay cool and comfortable in the hot sun. If your pup gets hot too quickly, you can buy an elevated bed that will stay cool and help circulate air. As long as the bed is durable, cool, and easy to clean, you can’t go wrong.


Kai’s Top 5 Dog Beds


Kuranda Dog Bed

Kuranda Dog BedIf you’re tired of having to replace dog beds because of rugged play and overuse, you need to try a Kuranda dog bed. They’re made for both indoor and outdoor use and are both functional and comfortable. They’re incredibly easy to clean, no matter what you pup manages to drag on this bed, you won’t run into any issues.

What really makes this bed unique is that it is chew proof. Unlike most plush and stuffed dog beds, this canvas bed is perfect for dogs who love to chew through everything. Now you may be wondering if a dog will actually enjoy using this bed, it doesn’t look like the typical bed. However, the raised design will keep your pup cool and is also great for your pup’s joints. It relieves pressure from your dog’s pressure points and keeps them comfortable no matter how they lay. If you purchase a Kuranda from Amazon you’ll be able to choose from four sizes and four colors at a surprisingly low price.



Jax & Bones Sleeper

Jax Dog BedYou’re going to love Kai’s next pick almost as much as your dog will. It’s available in thirteen colors and three sizes, all made in the US. The bed’s cover is machine washable, and even the inside can be washed and left out to dry. You won’t have to worry about any funky smells or time consuming cleaning. The fabric is even anti-bacterial which is a huge plus. You’ll also be happy to hear that purchasing this dog bed actually helps the environment. The inside fibers are made from recycled soda bottles which we found to be incredibly unique. With a reasonable price and a durable build, this bed is a purchase you and your pup can both get excited about!



Luxury Cozy Cave

Luxury Dog BedThis bed is a must have for smaller dogs that like to curl up and stay warm. It comes with 3” orthopedic foam for extra support and will keep your pup feeling warm and safe. This particular bed is machine- washable which is a huge bonus for you. Dogs love to hide and burrow inside and pups with anxiety will be able to cuddle up and feel safe. You may have a hard time getting your pup to leave this bed; you’re going to be getting your money’s worth if you purchase this bed. Fortunately, this bed comes in three sizes and a large assortment of colors. We have no doubt that you’ll find the right size and color for you and your pup.



Orthopedic Waterproof Bed

Waterproof outdoor dog bedThis outdoor dog bed is perfect for any pup that’s going to be spending a lot of time outside. It’s durable enough to survive the outdoors and comfortable enough to keep your pup happy and cool. This particular dog bed is even made with memory foam; which means your pup’s joints will be supported and it will keep it’s shape after extensive use. The memory foam is 3.2 lbs dense to keep your pup’s joints relaxed and supported. This bed is so comfortable you may even be tempted to lounge around on it. The bed comes with a waterproof inner cover and two outer covers. If your pup’s bed begins to smell or get dirty you can easily switch out the covers so they always has a fresh bed to lay on.



Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed

Orthopedic dog BedThe last bed on Kai’s list is perfect for older dogs and dogs with joint problems. The bed is made with 100% memory foam and comes with a pillow to support your pup’s head and neck. Fortunately for you, the bed’s cover can be washed and the inner cover is waterproof. The bed has 7 inch memory foam and a 3 inch thick pillow; no matter what size pup you have, they won’t be wearing out the memory foam anytime soon.

 If you have a larger dog with arthritis or dysplasia this could be the bed you’ve been looking for.  Considering how thick the memory foam is and how large the bed is, it’s extremely well priced. Because it’s machine washable, you won’t have to deal with any unwanted smells.


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