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The Best Dog Bowls For Your Pup

The Best Dog Bowls For Your Pup

Shopping for dog bowls may feel overwhelming, but Kai is here to make it easier for you! There are so many different materials, price points, and benefits to the dog bowls on the market, and Kai is going to help you choose the best one for your dog. Whether you’re looking for the best quality for the best price, or the newest gadget, we have you covered.

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Automatic Feeders: PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder

automatic dog bowl

This feeder may have a higher price point than many of the items we review, but it’s worth every penny. The PetSafe Automatic Feeder will save you time, stress, and worry about your pet’s care. It is perfect for dog owners who are constantly woken up by their pups for their morning feeding, and owners who want less stress in their daily routine. Although Kai’s review is specifically based on dog owners’ reviews, this feeder is also great for cats.

How does it work?

This feeder uses a digital timer to track exactly when your pet needs to be fed. First, set the current time on the digital screen and then set the time(s) that you want the feeder to dispense your dog’s food. You can program the system to feed your pup up to 12 meals a day, with meal portions from ⅛ of a cup to 4 cups. There is also a turtle shaped button on the feeder that programs it to dispense the food over a period of 15 minutes, for the same purpose.

There are also two extra modes; immediate feed mode and pause feed mode. The immediate feed mode dispenses food immediately if you choose, and the pause feed mode temporarily pauses any scheduled feedings. But not to worry! If you use these modes during the day, it will immediately feed or pause feeding without losing your programmed feeding times for the future. The food is dispensed using a conveyer that works for dry and semi-moist foods.


dog bowl

The PetSafe feeder features a stainless steel dog bowl that is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. It requires batteries, or you can purchase the external charger. Although don’t let this discourage you. The average battery life is one full year! Both of these  are sold separately, so don’t forget to pick one of these up before using your new feeder. There is a battery indicator on the screen as well, so you’ll know when to replace or charge it.

There is also a latch on the top lid of the section that holds the food, so your pet won’t be able to get inside. The food container holds over 5 lbs of food, so you don’t need to refill it often. This adds to the convenience factor of this awesome feeder. Kai does recommend you use caution if you have a very large or rowdy pup. They may be able to knock this machine over, although it has been proven to be very difficult. It is very sturdy, and adding food into the food container adds even more weight. Overall, it’s very heavy duty and durable and Kai definitely thinks it’s worth the price tag. Anything to make a pet owner’s life this easy is great in our book!

Is it right for my dog?

The PetSafe Automatic Feeder is extremely handy if you like to feed your dog little amounts throughout the day, instead of all at once. It will eliminate vomiting or choking that often occurs when a dog gobbles their food too quickly. If you have a dog who needs to slow their feeding time, this may be a great option for you in more ways than one. It also takes the stress off of you to slowly feed your dog, or wake up early for feeding time. If you have an extra large pup who likes to knock over heavy objects, Kai would advise you to keep an eye out for accidents when you first purchase this feeder.

Bowls with Stand: Pet Zone Designer Diner Adjustable Raised Dog Feeder

This raised dog feeder houses two stainless dog bowls and a design that will grow with your dog! Each bowl holds up to 7 cups of dog food and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. The adjustable design of this feeder allows you to change the height from 4 inches to 16 inches for larger pups. To choose the best height for your dog, simply measure the length of your dog from the floor to the highest point of their shoulder blades. Then, use the provided chart that matches dog height to feeder height. This Pet Zone feeder also has collapsible legs so it’s easy to store or pack for vacation, moving, and more!

Kai thinks this feeder is the perfect balance of affordable and aesthetically pleasing. If you don’t want your dog bowls to clutter up your house or look cheap, this feeder will be great for you and your dog. It’s not too clunky or flimsy looking, and the legs are designed to be sleek and contemporary. The only real difference between raised feeders and dog bowls with a stand is that raised feeders tend to be a little more expensive, but much more aesthetically pleasing. When the feeder has a more attractive design it is often made with higher quality materials like wood, ceramic, or high end plastic instead of a more flimsy material.

Is it right for my dog?

Raised and elevated feeders reduce the amount of strain on your dog’s neck and other joints. This is especially important for old pups, but choosing the right dog bowl height will benefit them throughout their entire life. Raised feeders also help with proper digestion and can help to reduce gas and bloating. Bigger dogs may be able to knock this feeder over because it is lightweight due to it’s collapsible design. But, if you place the feeder against the wall, you should not have a problem. The adjustable height of this feeder makes it a great fit for small, medium, and large dogs alike.

Elevated Bowls: Petmate EZ Reach Diner

Another option for an elevated feeder is the Petmate EZ Reach Diner. This feeder comes in Medium and X-Large on Amazon. The Medium bowls hold 3 cups of food and water per side, and the X-Large holds a whopping 12 cups of food and water per side. The Medium feeder is 19 X 9.4 X 8 inches and weighs 2 lbs. The X-Large feeder is 28.3 X 13.6 X 14.5 inches and weighs 16 lbs. This feeder features cute bone cutouts on both sides that make it easy to move around for your convenience. The stainless steel bowls are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, and simple to remove from the feeder.

elevated dog bowl

You also don’t have to worry about rattling bowls, because this feeder includes rubber inserts that eliminate any unwanted noise. It’s black and pearl tan colors give this feeder a more low-key look, but it may clash with some home decor. If you’re looking for a very heavy feeder, the plastic material of the Petmate EZ Reach Diner may not be the best for your dog. But, its lightweight design is great for moving and cleaning.

Is it right for my dog?

Like the previous feeder, a raised feeder prevents your dog from the pain and discomfort caused by bending down to eat and drink. It reduces the strain on your pup’s neck and other joints, and helps to reduce gas and bloating. It’s exceptionally great for tall dogs and elderly dogs who need the extra height to stay comfortable. Almost any dog can benefit from a raised feeder that fits their height measurements.

Slow Eat Bowls: Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl

puzzle bowl

Outward Hound products never disappoint, and this slow feeder dog bowl is no different! The Fun Feeder Bowl comes in four sizes on Amazon; mini, small, regular, and large. It also comes in three fun colors; orange, purple, and teal. It is made from high quality food-safe ABS plastic.  It is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup and features a non-slip base. Aside from the variety of sizes and colors of these bowls, they work wonders to stop your dog from eating too quickly. 

how does it work?

The craters, ridges, and mazes in these dog bowls make the feeding process much longer. Your dog will be able to enjoy their food without any bloating or pain after eating, and you’ll be a happy owner. You can use these bowls for wet or dry food and have the same slow-feeding results. These bowls are also great to combat K9 obesity. Your pup will eat slower and feel full faster. They will be able to lick and scoot the kibble or wet food out of the bowl in order to finish their yummy meal. Your pup will have fun figuring out the puzzle!

is it right for my dog?

This feeder works well for most dogs, but there are always a few exceptions. Certain pups are able to tip or flip the bowl over which will cause the kibble to spill onto the floor, defeating the purpose of the bowl. Some dogs will do this out of frustration, and others will see feeding time as a game, and get a little too rowdy! Your dog also may have a problem if they have a wide snout or tongue. It may be too difficult for them to reach their food and they may give up. That being said, these bowls have awesome reviews, and are great for most quick eaters.

Water Dispensers: PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

automatic water bowl

Are you trying to get your dog to drink more water? Dogs often prefer running water to standing water, so a fountain may entice them to drink more throughout the day. The PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain is a great water bowl for dogs of all sizes. It has a water capacity of 168 ounces and is made from BPA-free plastic that is dishwasher safe. There’s no need to worry about the freshness of the running water, because this fountain has a built in carbon filter to remove bad odors and tastes.The free-falling stream also aerates the water which adds to it’s freshness. It also includes a pre-filter to remove hair, food, and other particles that often make their way into water bowls.

The PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain’s sleek white design won’t look out of place in you home, and goes with most decor styles. It has a sturdy base and The dimensions are 15.9 X 10.6 X 10.5 inches, and it weighs 4 lbs. With proper care, this fountain will continually run without fail for years at a time. But, it is necessary that you clean it regularly and change the filter as needed, to keep it running smoothly. The cleaning process can be tedious, but it is well worth the health benefits for your dog.

is it right for my dog?

All dogs can benefit from drinking more water, just like any living creature! The more water your dog drinks, the less likely they are to develop kidney diseases and urinary tract issues. If your dog prefers running water to standing water, this fountain may drastically increase your pup’s daily water intake. Like most dog bowls, the only real problem you could run into is spilling or tipping the bowl over. If you have a large or rowdy pup, keep and eye on them for the first few days. Most likely, you won’t have any issues!

Stainless Steel Bowls: OurPets DuraPet Premium Rubber-Bonded Stainless Steel Bowls

If you’re looking for no-nonsense, good quality dog bowls, these stainless steel bowls may be your best option. They come in a wide variety of sizes and hold anywhere from 1.25 cups to 13 cups. The stainless steel is crack proof and scratch resistant so these bowls will last. They are also dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. The rubber bottom of these bowls eliminates loud noises while your dog eats, and keeps them from sliding around the floor or placemat.

Like many stainless steel dog bowls, these may begin to rust after years of use, or wear out from repeated washing and drying. Although, If you properly care for them, they will stay in tip top shape. Stainless steel is non-porous which is great for resisting germs and bacteria. These bowls will also go with almost all home decor because of their neutral design. They look exceptionally nice in kitchens with stainless steel appliances.

is it right for my dog?

If you have an enthusiastic eater, the rubber bottom of these dog bowls will make feeding time much more enjoyable for everyone. Sliding and clanking noises will be a thing of the past! These bowls aren’t extremely weighted, so you can have problems with tipping if your dog likes to play rough with their food and water bowls.

Travel Bowls: Vittles Vault Pet Food Travel-Tainer

Do you have a traveling dog? Sometimes road trips can be difficult without the right supplies to give your pup food and water. Kai knows that the #1 most important trait of doggie travel products is their convenience level, and the Vittles Vault Pet Food Container definitely makes traveling easier. With two color options of dark blue and light pink, you can choose the color based on your dog’s gender, or mix it up!

When the container is closed, it measures 7.5 inches tall and 5.5 inches in diameter. It includes two colored bowls to use when feeding your dog, and a clear container in the middle to store their food while traveling. The clear container is air-tight and water to keep their food or water fresh no matter how long your journey is. 


The whole container is made with FDA approved food-safe plastic that is BPA free. The pink or blue colored bowls are dishwasher safe, but the clear container is hand wash only. Don’t make the mistake of throwing the clear container in the dishwasher because it will shrink! All three containers connect with a “C” shaped connector that acts as a nifty handle for added convince.

is it right for my dog?

If you travel a lot with your dog, the Vittles Vault Pet Food Container will save you a lot of stress. Instead of carrying around stainless steel bowls or plastic baggies of food, this container will store you dog’s food and act as a food and water bowl. This container is also great for dogs who slowly eat their food throughout the day. Even if you’re visiting friends or family for a few hours, your pup can continue to snack on their food while you’re away from home. If you have a messy eater, you may want to bring a towel or mat along with you to reduce mess, but otherwise you will be very happy with the convenience level of this travel food system.

Ceramic Bowls: Hugs Pet Products Ceramic Double Bowl Set

dog food

If you have an extra stylish dog, you may want to check out the Hugs Pet Products Ceramic Double Bowl Set. It measures 7.1 x 13.5 x 4.9 inches and houses two square ceramic bowls. The bowls are removable and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup and they each hold 2 cups of food or water. These bowls have an elevated wooden base that helps with proper digestion and neck problems that many dog’s have from low food bowls. It also features a non-skid bottom which helps to keep the stand in place while your dog eats. The modern design of this set will compliment updated home decor, but is simple enough to still be discreet. 

is it right for my dog?

This is one of Kai’s favorite dog bowls because of it’s stylish look, and it’s perfect size for smaller dogs. Chihuahua’s and other small breeds will love the comfortable height of this set. It only sits 5 inches off of the ground, so it won’t do much for larger breeds in terms of digestions and back/neck problems. If your pup is the right size it’s the perfect stylish and functional double bowl set. It’s also great for dog owners because of it’s lightweight design. It’s easy to wipe down the entire set if it gets dirty from daily use, or to move from room to room.

Plastic Bowls: Petmate Fool-a-Bug Pet Bowl

plastic dog bowl

This dog bowl has the really awesome benefit of keeping pesky bugs out. The unique design keeps crawling bugs out of the bowl so you don’t have to worry about ants, beetles, and other bugs when you keep the bowl outside. This bowl only come in size Jumbo with measurements of 10 x 10 x 3.5 and it holds a total o 12 cups of water. Although, since it’s low to the ground, most dogs can still use it. It is made of a sturdy plastic with Microban technology that prevents the growth of many types of bacteria. This also prevents stains and odors caused by bacteria. This dog bowl comes in assorted colors on Amazon.

is it right for my dog?

This bowl is great for someone who has multiple dogs that they take outdoors, to always have water on-hand. It is also perfect for larger dogs because of it’s size. If you only have a small dog, this water bowl still may be great for you on hot days when your dog needs to stay very hydrated. The bugs will stay out and you won’t need to refill the bowl as often!

Dog Bowl Mats: PetFusion Waterproof Pet Food Mat

food mat

One mistake that new dog owners often make is purchasing new dog bowls and forgetting a mat. It may seem like a silly or unnecessary item to have for your dog, but it can save you hours of cleanup time over the course of your dog’s life. Spills, stains, and odors won’t be a problem with the right food mat. Many dog owners choose to make the small investment on a quality mat so they don’t have to replace it. One really great dog food mat is the PetFusion Waterproof Pet Food Mat.

The FDA grade silicon used for this mat is very hygienic because of it’s antimicrobial properties. It is also stain and odor resistant, non-toxic, and non-allergenic. Cleaning is easy, because it is dishwasher safe and easy to wipe down with a paper towel or cloth in between uses. It also has a 12 month warranty for any manufacturing defects.

This mat comes in three different sizes; small, large, and extra large, so you can find the perfect mat for your dog. The small mat is 18 x 12 inches, the large is 24 x 16 inches, and the extra large is 34 x 23 inches. It comes in three different colors; beige, blue, and gray. All sizes and colors have a slight lip around the entire mat to prevent food and water from spilling onto the floor. This extra protection can be very useful, specifically if you keep your dog bowls on your hardwood floor, or other sensitive surfaces. Although, it gives extra protection that helps with general doggie messes no matter what flooring you have.

is it right for my dog?

Most dogs are in need of a great quality mat to keep spills and stains at bay. Make sure you give the measurements a look before purchasing one of these mats, because the large size may seem more like a medium to many dog owners. If you have a large dog, Kai recommends the extra large mat. Otherwise, the PetFusion Waterproof Pet Food Mat is a great spill-proof solution for your dog.

Food Storage Containers: IRIS 3-Piece Airtight Pet Food Container Combo

Kai searched high and low for the perfect pet food container, and this one seems to take the cake! Just like having dog food, bowls, and a mat, an airtight dog food container is a necessity for all dogs and their owners. The Iris Pet Food Container Combo includes everything you need for proper dog food storage. It comes with two airtight containers; one 33 quart and one 12 quart, as well as a 2 cup matching food scoop. The containers snap-lock shut so you don’t need to worry about moisture, bugs, and stale food. It is BPA free, FDA compliant, and made right here in the USA.

dog food container

The 33 quart container holds up to 25 pounds of food and is 16.5L x 10.8W x 18.6H. The 12 quart container which stacks on top holds up to 10 pounds of food and is 16.5L x 10.8W x 6.5H. These separate containers are great if you have two different pets, or if you like to store your treats or other supplies in the small container above your dog food. The entire container sits on four wheels which makes it easy to transport around your home or over to the dog bowls.

Kai also absolutely loves the whopping 14 different colors this container comes in. Every pup should have a signature color, and these containers help to keep the theme going. Ranging from baby pink to ever glade green, you’re sure to find your pup’s perfect shade.

kai tip

Buy a vinyl decal or two to personalize your pet food container! Paw prints and your pet’s name are some of our favorite picks.