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The Best Soft Dog Toys

The Best Soft Dog Toys

Soft dog toys are great for indoor play; you won’t have to worry about damaged household items, and they’re light enough for dogs of all sizes. We’ve reviewed some of the best indoor toy lines from some of our favorite brands; Ethical Pet, Kong, and Chuckit! No matter how your dog likes to play you’ll find a toy that will peak their interest. From balls, to stuffless plush toys, to braided ropes, these companies have it all!

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dog on a bed

Scuffed walls, broken lamps, and scuffed floors are all too common occurrences in households full of dogs. Having designated indoor toys can help keep your household items safe, and your pup engaged. Soft, plush toys can be your best bet as you try to fill your house with toys that you and your dog can agree on for indoor play. There are some truly great brands that have lines of soft dog toys designed for indoor play. Below you’ll find some of our favorite soft toys for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Ethical Pet, Kong, and Chuckit are all reputable brands that you can trust for your indoor dog toy needs.

Ethical Pet

Ethical Pet has been a privately owned company since 1952. They’re located in Bloomfield, NJ, and have spent decades perfecting their pet products. They’re known for having “ethical” standards for all of their employees and suppliers. All of their toys are filled using recycled material, and they also power their factories using 100% solar power. We love supporting this company because they make great toys for pups, and have a positive impact on the environment in the process. You can trust that all of their products will be safe for your pup, and your money is going towards a great company.

Ethical Pet Indoor Toys

They have a variety of toys that you can try out for your dogs, and their soft dog toy lines are one of our favorites. Many of their indoor dog toys are made with a special fleece that makes them not only great for cuddling but also great for fetch. We’ve found that their line of indoor toys are durable enough for large dogs, yet light enough for small pups to carry around. They’re also fun because a majority of their soft dog toys have squeakers that your pup can play with. We would highly recommend their indoor toy line to moderate chewers that need a fun distraction while they’re inside.

Fleece Farmland Toys

The Vermont Fleece Toys are a great size for both small and large dogs. Their approximate dimensions are 11.5 x 3.5 x 14 inches, and it weighs about 8 ounces. The Vermont Fleece toys are a great soft dog toy because they have a highly textured “fur” outside that dogs love to lay on, and chew on. The toys are made with faux sheepskin that’s both durable and soft. All varieties of the farmland fleece toys also include squeakers for engaging fun. When you purchase the fleece toys from Amazon you’ll be surprised with one of three farmland animals; a pig, a goat, or a sheep.

soft swirl plush toy

The Soft Swirl toys are a unique shape that dog’s go nuts for. They have a floppy design that makes them great for interactive play for your dog. You can use them for tug of war, fetch, or your pup may just want to chew on them. These toys are less messy than the fleece toys due to their stuffing-free design. They also have a fun crinkle sound and a squeaker inside great for chewing. These plush toys are light enough for even the smallest pups and durable enough for large breeds. The Owls are 9.5 x 1 x 7 inches, and they weigh under 2 ounces.

fleece owl dog toy

Fleece Chewman

fleece chewman

The Fleece Chewman is another great soft toy made by Ethical Pet. It’s made with the same faux sheepskin as the farm animals, with fun textures and colors. The unique Chewman shape makes it ideal for fetch, and it’s soft enough for passive play as well. This fleece toy is much lighter than the farm animals, making them great for tossing around. The Chewman is 10.5 x 2 x 8.5 inches and weighs less than 1 ounce. Just like the other fleece toys, the Chewman contains one squeaker to keep your dog engaged. We would highly recommend this toy for dogs that need a lightweight toy to throw around in the house.

 Plush Skinneeez

The Ethical Pet Skinneeez are a great stuffing-free soft toy for indoor play. The soft Skinneeez animals are made with a soft polyester fabric that is both durable against chewing, and water resistant. To get your pup excited for play, they also have a fun crinkle paper on the inner lining; this is a much quieter alternative to the typical squeaker. The Skinneeez have a unique floppy design that makes them great for tug of war, fetch, and simply chewing. Dogs love their flat texture and lightweight design. The Fox Skinneeez is very long, 2 x 4 x 27 inches, and weighs just 1.6 ounces.

We would highly recommend purchasing the Skinneeez for dogs that need a tug of war toy to keep them occupied either indoors or outdoors. If for some reason your pup doesn’t love this toy, you can get your money back if you’re not satisfied within 18 months.


Some dogs can find a way to destroy just about any toy. When nothing else can withstand your dog’s heavy chewing, Kong is the best company to turn to. Kong’s founder, Joe Markham, ran into the same issues dog parents run into to this day. His dog chewed up everything, and nothing could satisfy his dog. One day, while working on his car, Joe tossed a piece of rubber to his pup. The dog found the bouncy and durable rubber to be a great toy, and even better, he couldn’t destroy it. Joe was then able to produce a quality dog toys that even aggressive chewers couldn’t tackle.

 Kong Plush Toys

Now you may only recognize Kong for their rubber toys; however, they have a great line of soft dog toys as well. Their plush toys are soft, yet incredibly durable. We would recommend Kong’s toys for aggressive chewers. Most of their plush toys are extremely lightweight, making them great for indoor play. They also have reinforced seams and are made with durable fabric to ensure strength. Any pup that needs a great indoor chew toy could benefit from any of Kong’s softer toy line. From balls to stuffed toys, to flatter toys, Kong has it all.



The Kong Romperz are the perfect door for indoor play. Their flat floppy design makes them great for fetch, or just to carry around. The inside of these toys are reinforced with bonded seams to ensure durability. To engage your dog, the Romperz make a fun crinkle sound when it’s chewed on, and it also contains a squeaker. Fortunately, the toys come with a replacement squeaker, so if your dog manages to remove the squeaker, the fun is far from over.

The Romperz are available in two sizes; medium and large. The medium size is 0.8 x 5.2 x 7.8 inches, weighing around 2 ounces. The larger size is 0.8 x 8.2 x 11.8 inches, weighing around 4 ounces. These fun toys are also available in 4 designs; frog, hedgehog, raccoon, and dog.

Comfort Kiddos

The comfort kiddos were designed specifically for indoor play. They’re incredibly soft, allowing them to be the perfect naptime toy. All of the comfort kiddos have unique shapes and textures allowing them to be the perfect indoor chew toy. They have a soft plush texture and chewable limbs. We also love the Comfort Kiddos because they have a removable low-tone squeaker. During the day your pup can play with the squeaker, and when it’s quiet time, you can easily remove it for silent play. The Comfort Kiddos are available in a variety of fun sizes and shapes. The elephant is one of our favorite shapes, its dimensions are 6.2 x 10.2 x 8.8 inches, and it weighs just over 5 ounces.

plush toy

Round Braidz

round braidz

Kong’s Round Braidz are one of our favorite soft dog toys. They’re made with a soft fleece materials that dogs love to cuddle up next to. They’re also great for roughhousing and heavy chewing sessions. The Round Braidz all have a unique braided body structure that not only cleans your dog’s teeth but polishes them as well – not many toys can do that! Dogs love these toys because they not only squeak but have a unique shape and durable limbs that they can chew on. The fabric is incredibly thick on all variations, and they’re large enough to handle even the biggest bite. The Round Braidz are available in one size, with dimensions of 11 x 6.6 x 4 inches. Though they seem large, they only weigh 4.6 ounces, making them easy to carry around.


The Kong Cozie’s are one of the softest toys we’ve reviewed. They have a thick plush design that makes them great for cuddling and as a comfort toy. The Cozie’s are available in a variety of fun sizes and 10 unique animals making them the perfect engaging toy for indoor play. The toys also only contain a small amount of stuffing making them nearly mess-free. Their double lined exterior and fun squeaker make them the perfect soft dog toy for aggressive players.

We’ve found these toys to be a favorite amongst both big and little dogs. They’re available in sizes small, medium, and extra large. The smallest size is 5 x 2 x 6.5 inches, the medium is 9 x 3 x 9 inches, and the extra large is 14.2 x 12 x 4.8 inches. We would highly recommend this toy to both passive and active playing pups that need a cozy indoor toy.

cozie monkey

 Picnic Patchers

picnic patchers

The Kong Picnic Patchers are another great soft toy for dogs that like aggressive play. They’re made of a soft plush material that’s great for indoor play. All varieties of the Picnic Patchers also have both external and internal squeakers to entice play. The external squeakers are protected by ballistic material and the internal squeakers are extremely difficult to remove as well. The Picnic Patchers also have fun textures that are great for chewing. The picnic patchers are definitely one of the more durable plush toys you can purchase for your pups. This Picnic Patcher is ideal for medium and larger sized dogs, its dimensions are 9 x 6 x 4.8 inches, and it weighs just under 5 ounces.


ChuckIt products are known for their fun bright orange and blue colors and durable designs. Although humans can see these bright colors, ChuckIt toys appear dark yellow to dogs. The All ChuckIt toys are perfect for active play between pups and their owners and are sure to provide hours of fun. The ChuckIt brand is known for their classic Tennis Ball which is heavier and more resilient than the average tennis ball. Their indoor and outdoor ranges have compatible launchers which make playing easier and pain-free for dog owners. The ChuckIt Indoor range allows dogs to continue the fun inside the house regardless of the weather.

ChuckIt Indoor Toys

The ChuckIt Indoor toy line is perfect for all types of indoor play with your pup. If the weather isn’t cooperating or you’d just rather play inside, the ChuckIt indoor toys still allow you to do so. All toys in this range are made of a soft plush material with Bounceflex Core Technology. Each toy features the classic ChuckIt color palette of bright orange and blue. There is a wide variety of toy shapes and sizes, and you’ll have no problem finding the perfect one for you and your dog. They are tough for plush toys, but will not mark up the walls and furniture in your home. This range is also great for senior dogs who may have little or no teeth, and find regular ChuckIt toys difficult to pick up. If you and your dog love soft indoor play, this range is perfect for you!

ChuckIt Indoor Ball

The ChuckIt Indoor Ball is a soft and accident-free version of the classic ChuckIt Tennis Ball. It’s perfect for throwing through the house or garage without worry that your household items or hardwood floors will be damaged. It is a lightweight toy with the perfect amount of bounce for indoor play thanks to its Bounceflex Core Technology.

chuckit ball

This ball is great for rowdy pups who need sufficient play time rain or shine. It is 4.7 inches in diameter, only 2.4 ounces, and great for playing fetch. The ChuckIt Indoor Ball is much larger than the classic ChuckIt Balls, which are a maximum of 3.5 inches in diameter for the extra large ball. These balls are best for small to medium dogs or puppies who aren’t heavy chewers, although gentle large pups will also love this toy. Pair it with the ChuckIt Indoor Launcher for slime free fun. You can purchase both of these toys, and the full line of ChuckIt Indoor toys on Amazon.

ChuckIt Indoor Roller

chuckit roller

The ChuckIt Indoor roller is a 4.7 inch toy designed for ground pursuit. This donut-shaped toy rolls and bounces lightly. The Indoor Roller is also compatible with the ChuckIt Indoor Launcher. You may have to pick up this toy to insert it into the Indoor Launcher, so it may be a bit messier than others. This toy is best for light chewers and smaller dogs. The hole in the center of this toy allows for easier chewing and could lead to somewhat of a mess if your dog is left unsupervised, although many reviews acknowledge this toy’s sturdiness. It all depends on how your pup plays! Its absolutely perfect for smaller dogs who love to play fetch, and owners who prefer to play inside. This toy features Bounceflex Core Technology for a lightweight design.

ChuckIt Indoor Fumbler

The ChuckIt Indoor Fumbler is a football shaped toy that is 9.5 inches tall and 4.2 inches wide. The Fumbler is one of the best toys in the ChuckIt Indoor line for medium sized dogs, but smaller dogs can often fit it in their mouth. It’s chenille fabric is best for small dogs and puppies or light chewers of any size. Heavy chewers may puncture this toy and leave a mess of threads around your home if left unsupervised. It weighs only 3 ounces and is perfect for indoor and outdoor play. Its football shape makes it very easy and fun to throw. You don’t have to worry about knocking things over inside the house while playing with this toy, or marking up walls and furniture. It’s perfect for stress free indoor play for all dog breeds and sizes.

chuckit football

ChuckIt Indoor Shaker

chuckit shaker

The ChuckIt Indoor Shaker is a lightweight toy with Bounceflex Core technology. It is similar in shape to the ChuckIt Indoor Ball, although not perfectly round. This 4.7 inch toy is also compatible with the ChuckIt Indoor launcher and perfect for a game of fetch. It slides neatly into the launcher without any need to touch the possibly slimy toy. You and your pup can play with this toy inside without fear of scuffing up walls and furniture. The small tag on this toy is extra fun for dogs who love to shake toys in their mouth. Although, you may want to cut it off for tough chewers because it’s fairly easy to chew or rip off.

ChuckIt Indoor Launcher

The ChuckIt Indoor Launcher is the perfect addition to the ChuckIt Indoor toy line. Like the Classic Launcher, this toy allows for hands-free fetching, which can sometimes be messy. Instead of picking up a slobbery toy every time your pup brings it back to you, the Indoor Launcher allows for mess-free play. The Indoor Roller comes with this toy, which may not be the most compatible. You have to insert the Indoor Roller into the launcher on it’s end, which doesn’t naturally occur often while playing with your dog. The Indoor Ball is much easier to pick up using the Indoor Launcher, which is half of the purpose of the toy.

chuckit launcher

The Indoor Launcher is also much shorter than the Classic Launcher, which doesn’t allow for long throws. It is only 4.8 ounces and 3 inches x 4 inches x 18 inches. This isn’t much of a problem for indoor play unless you have a large space to play in. Indoor play will be much less messy if you pair the Indoor Launcher with the Indoor Ball.

This toy is perfect for rainy days, or dogs and owners who prefer to play inside without scuffing up walls and furniture. It is great for shoulder pain issues and makes repeated throwing much easier.

ChuckIt Indoor Flyer

chuckit flyer

The ChuckIt Indoor Flyer is the perfect flying disc for dogs. It’s soft and lightweight design allows for quiet play, so you won’t disturb neighbors or children while tossing this disc around inside. This toy is perfect for dogs who love flying toys like frisbees, even when the weather isn’t cooperating.


The material of this toy is the same plush material as the rest of the range, with a soft terrycloth texture. It features a ChuckIt label that is sewn in on four sides and is difficult to chew off. This toy is 7.5 inches x 2.6 inches x 8.1 inches and is only 3.2 ounces. It has the perfect dome shape for maximum lift while tossing, and is soft but durable. Its tough design also makes the Indoor Flyer perfect for tug of war and absorbs doggie drool. This may not be the best toy for extreme chewers because of it’s foam core. If left unsupervised with a large puppy or intense chewer, you may be left with a floor full of Styrofoam. If your pup loves flying toys, fetch, or tug of war, this is the perfect indoor toy for you.

ChuckIt Indoor tumbler

The ChuckIt Indoor Tumbler is a slightly smaller toy with dimensions of 3.8 inches x 4.5 inches x 4.3 inches. This toy has a rounded triangle shape that allows it to move and bounce in unpredictable directions for lots of indoor fun. The shape is essentially a sphere with sections removed to create its fun triangle appearance. This allows the toy to be picked up very easily by humans and dogs alike! It’s also very lightweight at only 2.4 ounces and won’t knock over home décor or scuff up walls and furniture inside your home. The Indoor Tumbler keeps it’s shape even when targeted by tough chewers, although extreme chewers may rip this toy apart. The ChuckIt label is sewn into the toy on all four sides, and is difficult for your pup to remove.

ChuckIt squirrel

The ChuckIt Indoor Squirrel is another toy designed specifically for flight. Dogs who love to fetch and play tug of war will absolutely love the design of this soft toy. It’s dual colored design is curved to mimic the shape of a flying squirrel, a dog’s favorite distraction! It is lightweight, at only 4 ounces with BounceFlex Core Technology. This toy is a great size for many breeds, measuring at 3.1 inches x 8.1 inches x 8.9 inches. Tough chewers may target the corners of this toy, and may be able to expose the foam inside, which could lead to a mess. Although, this toy lives up to the ChuckIt brand name, and is durable and resilient.

chuckit squirrel

is this right for my dog?

The ChuckIt Indoor toy range is perfect for most dog breeds and sizes, and their owners. Heavy chewers should be closely supervised with these toys, because the foam core and stringy fabric may be ripped apart easily. Some pups can rip these soft toys apart in a few minutes, while other pups may only lick and lightly chew on the outer fabric. Some dogs may just use these as snuggle buddies like Kai does!

The indoor line of toys allows all pups to get the exercise and engaging play they need rain or shine. Owners no longer have to have a “no throwing toys in the house” rule, and can play fetch with their dogs without fear of breaking or scuffing up valuables.