How to Do Control F on an iPhone

Does iPhone have a Find function?


The short answer to that question is no. There’s no shortcut that will help you find what you would use on a Mac or Windows machine. There is no search bar, unless you use a third-party application or keyboard command. However, there are still many ways to find what your looking for.

Can iPhone Control F?


Control F cannot be used on an iPhone. However, you can use a variety of search techniques to find the information you need, regardless of whether it is on the internet, in a PDF or in other locations on your phone. You can do this by using Safari browser.

  1. Navigate to the website that you wish to search, and then type your search term into the address bar at top of the screen.
  2. Scroll down to This Page. Look for the parenthesis in the section title next to each word or phrase. Tap the entry below.
  3. This will bring you back to the website. You can then navigate to each instance by using the controls at bottom.

    The word is not highlighted on this page. You’ll need the controls to view each instance.

If you are using Chrome browser, you can perform the same function. Although the icons are a bit different than those in Safari, it is still easy to find.

  1. Tap the share icon from the page where you are searching for a particular word.
  2. Scroll down until Find Page or Find Page. Click that option.
  3. With the search bar open at top, you’ll be taken back to the original web page. Enter the word you are trying to find and it will be highlighted on the page. You can view the number of instances of this word on the page at the end of your search bar and navigate through them.

How do you search for a word on iPhone?


It will be more difficult to find what you are trying to search for on your iPhone if it isn’t on a website. You can search in a specific app such as images or files. However, it is impossible to search all files on your phone simultaneously for a particular word or phrase.


How do you press F on iPhone PDF?


The Adobe Acrobat Reader is the best way to locate a word or phrase within a document on iPhone. You can then open the document by tapping the looking glass at top of the screen and type the term you want.

You can also use iBooks if you don’t own Adobe Acrobat Reader. It works in the same manner. To conduct your search, open the PDF file that you wish to search.


  • How can you control F on iPhone using Google Drive?

    Tap More> to replace in the Google Docs app. Tap Search and type the word that you wish to search.

  • How can you use Control F in PowerPoint?

    Open the presentation by tapping the icon in the upper-right corner. Enter the word or phrase that you wish to search. To perform an advanced search, tap on the Options icon left of the search box.