How to Fix an APC Index Mismatch BSOD

A Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) blunders is a catastrophic failure of your Windows working device that forces it to restart. A BSOD is typically the end result of a software program malicious program, hardware failure, corrupt or lacking software program documents, or malware infection—to call however some feasible reasons.

BSODs can pop up at any time, and that they may be hard to troubleshoot, with complicated names like “surprising kernel mode trap” that, for maximum customers, is not possible to decipher. An APC Index Mismatch BSOD blunders is simply as elaborate, however it typically factors to a hassle together along with your drivers or hardware. Here’s the way to repair it.


Table of Contents

What Causes an APC Index Mismatch BSOD on Windows 10?

Check for New System and Driver Updates

Roll Back Troublesome Drivers

Check for Missing or Corrupted System Files

System Maintenance on Windows 10


What Causes an APC Index Mismatch BSOD on Windows 10?


An APC Index Mismatch (or apc_index_mismatch) BSOD blunders on Windows 10 is typically due to a defective or corrupt device driving force. Audio, printer, and photos card drivers are usually stated as being at the back of this BSOD blunders online, however any device driving force may be at fault.

This is due to the fact the mistake itself is related to a failed malicious program take a look at whilst a driving force or device record reviews an wrong cost at some stage in an asynchronous technique call (APC), a sort of information request made as your PC allocates device resources. Removing or changing the elaborate drivers can, for maximum customers, repair the hassle. 

If your device documents are corrupted in a few manner, Windows itself may be at the back of the hassle. More rarely, your hardware itself may be defective, inflicting balance troubles with linked hardware that reasons an APC Index Mismatch BSOD message to seem whilst your driving force tries to interface with it.

Thankfully, maximum customers can clear up an apc_index_mismatch BSOD through getting rid of or changing a corrupt driving force. If this doesn’t work, greater research is probably wanted. You can repair the hassle through following the stairs below.


Check for New System and Driver Updates


As an APC Index Mismatch BSOD is typically due to a defective driving force, a very good manner to clear up the problem is to test your PC for brand spanking new updates. You can take a look at for brand spanking new drivers via the Windows Update device. While you’re there, it’s a very good concept to put in any new device updates to repair insects and enhance your device balance.

If you may’t boot your PC presently due to this BSOD blunders, you could want to begin Windows in Safe Mode. This ought to will let you run a barebones model of Windows, going for walks simplest the maximum primary drivers, which ought to prevent the mistake from happening briefly and will let you deployation updates. 

To take a look at for brand spanking new driving force and device updates, right-click on the Start menu and pick Settings.

In Settings, pick Update & Security > Windows Update. Windows ought to mechanically start a test for brand spanking new device and driving force updates. If it doesn’t, pick the Check for Updates button. Otherwise, pick Download (or Download and Install) to start putting in new updates.

You may additionally want to pick and deployation any non-compulsory updates indexed withinside the Windows Update menu through deciding on View alternatives updates, as those may also encompass non-compulsory driving force updates in your PC which could clear up balance troubles.

Updating your drivers ought to, in theory, clear up troubles together along with your PC wherein an apc_index_mismatch BSOD is forcing a restart. If it doesn’t, you could want to research your reminiscence sell off documents to decide which driving force is inflicting the hassle.

If you perceive a selected tool or driving force inflicting the problem, you may then replace it manually. You also can locate driving force updates from the manufacturer’s website, specially for gadgets that acquire ordinary updates (together with photos playing cards), wherein drivers is probably more moderen than drivers made to be had via Windows Update.


Roll Back Troublesome Drivers


If you’ve diagnosed a driving force that’s inflicting a continual apc_index_mismatch BSOD blunders through searching through your sell off documents, you could want to manually get rid of it if updating the driving force doesn’t have an impact. As drivers are wanted in your gadgets to work, rolling returned to an older driving force is typically the first-rate manner to do this.

While we advocate checking your sell off documents (.dmp) for specifics, gadgets along with Realtek audio gadgets, DisplayLink screen software program, numerous printer drivers, and NVIDIA photos playing cards have all been mentioned to motive this issue, and getting rid of them may also repair your PC’s BSOD problems.

To roll returned (or get rid of) a driving force to your PC, right-click on the Start menu and pick Device Manager.

In the Device Manager window, you’ll see hardware separated into numerous classes. Select the arrow icon subsequent to every of those classes to view a complete listing of hardware.

Right-click on a tool with a elaborate driving force and pick Properties.

In the Properties window, pick the Driver tab. To get rid of the driving force, pick Uninstall Device (this could get rid of the driving force out of your device). To roll returned the driving force to the ultimate established model, pick Roll Back Driver instead.

If you’re rolling returned a driving force, you’ll want to verify why. Select a motive why you desire to roll returned your driving force from the alternatives provided, then pick Yes to proceed.

After rolling returned your driving force, restart your PC to make certain the alternate is in impact through right-clicking the Start menu and deciding on Shut down or signal out > Restart.


Check for Missing or Corrupted System Files


Your tool drivers are simply one piece withinside the chain that connects going for walks software program to hardware to your PC. Windows itself is one of these pieces—in case your device documents are corrupted or there are lacking documents, Windows will prevent running properly. Problems, together with an APC Index Mismatch BSOD, can then begin to occur.

A accurate manner to test for this (and to restore the hassle) is to apply gear to restore your Windows device documents. These gear (SFC and DISM) will take a look at the offline device picture utilized by your PC and restore any irregularities or updates, then use that device picture to restore any lacking or corrupted device documents which can be in lively use.

To use those gear, you’ll want to open a brand new PowerShell window through right-clicking the Start menu and deciding on Windows PowerShell (Admin).

In the PowerShell window, kind DISM /online /cleanup-picture /restorehealth to test your offline device picture for troubles. Follow any extra on-display screen commands and permit this device time to finish its test.

After DISM is complete, kind sfc /scannow to evaluate your device documents in opposition to the device picture created through DISM. If any documents are lacking or corrupted, SFC will restore them the use of the device picture documents. Follow any extra on-display screen commands and permit time for this to finish.

When the gear are finished, restart your PC through right-clicking the Start menu and deciding on Shut down or signal out > Restart.


System Maintenance on Windows 10


If your PC suffers from an APC Index Mismatch BSOD blunders, don’t panic. These not unusualplace troubleshooting steps ought to repair the hassle however, in an emergency, you may constantly reset Windows 10 to look if that fixes the hassle. If your hardware is failing, however, you could want to consider upgrading your PC for balance.

Staying on pinnacle of your device renovation is a superb manner to hold BSOD mistakes away. You may also need to mechanically replace high-precedence drivers, together with your photos card drivers, to make sure they’re running properly. If your PC stops running, you may constantly strive a few not unusualplace PC restore gear to check and troubleshoot further.