How to Use Amazon Prime Video

Signing Up For Amazon Prime Video


Prime Video access is already available if you subscribe Amazon Prime to receive free shipping and other benefits. Prime accounts cost $139 per annum or $14.99 per monthly.

You can sign up for an Amazon Prime Video account if you do not have an Amazon Prime account. Sign up at Amazon Prime to get a 30-day trial or a subscription for $8.99 per year. You can then watch videos on Amazon’s Prime Video app and Amazon website.

Sign up for the trial by entering your Amazon login credentials. If you don’t already have an Amazon account, sign up and provide a valid credit card. The trial can be cancelled anytime within the 30-day period. Amazon Prime will begin billing you if you do not cancel. There are monthly and yearly options available.

How to stream Prime Shows and Movies from a Browser


Prime Video allows you to stream TV shows and movies from your web browser. A compatible web browser is required, as well as a device capable of streaming video. All compatible browsers are Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Here are the steps to stream Prime Video videos:

  1. Go to the Amazon website and choose Prime Video.
  2. Scroll to see movies and shows. The Prime banner located in the upper-left corner indicates that the show is free and includes no ads. The Ads banner signifies that the show is included free of charge, but does not include ads.
  3. To open an information box that contains a synopsis and a rating as well as a short video preview, hover the cursor or mouse over any movie or TV show.
  4. To start watching, select Play or tap an icon for a trailer and/or to add your selection to a watchlist.
  5. To go to the complete page for Prime Video, tap anywhere in the information box.

How to Get Subtitles for Amazon Prime Video

How to watch Amazon Prime Video on Mobile Devices


Prime Video allows you to stream TV shows and movies through the Prime Video app. There are some cosmetic differences between the web version and on mobile devices. Also, there is no preview window. To go to the page, you can simply tap the movie icon or show button. Although the Prime banner isn’t visible in the app, there is one.

This is how Prime Video looks on an iPad.

Here’s how to get Prime Video for free:

  • Android: Prime video on the Google Play Store
  • iOS: Prime video on the App Store
  • Roku: Prime Video Roku Channel
  • Xbox One: Prime Video at the Microsoft Store.
  • Fire: Prime Video is available by default on Fire TV and Kindle Fire devices.

What are Amazon Originals?


Amazon Originals videos are exclusive videos you can stream only from Prime Video. Amazon owns and produces a variety of feature films, TV shows, and documentaries.

Amazon Originals is similar to Netflix and Hulu originals. You must subscribe to the service to view them. Amazon releases movies in theaters prior to making them available for streaming. This has allowed Amazon movies to win Oscars, among other awards.

What are the Top Video Channels?


Prime Video offers unlimited content, but you can also sign up for add on channels. These channels are premium cable channels such as HBO, Showtime and Starz. However, you can subscribe to Parmount+ or many other services through Amazon Channels.

Many Amazon Prime Video Channels offer a free trial period so that you can test them before paying. Amazon will then charge you a monthly subscription fee for each channel.

Amazon Channels offer on-demand content. Signing up for HBO or Showtime will give you access to HBO and Showtime original shows via Prime Video.

You can also access live streams from some Amazon Channels, which allows you to watch Prime Video live. Amazon Channels live and on-demand content can be accessed through the same websites and apps as Prime Video.

Is it possible to rent movies from Amazon Prime Video?


Amazon offers access to thousands of TV episodes and movies, as well as Prime Video’s free content.

Amazon lets you rent or purchase digital downloads of TV episodes and movies. An Amazon Prime membership is not required for rental and purchase. Prime members can use the same interface, account and billing information to rent or buy digital movies.

You can rent or buy a movie or TV series on Amazon Video if you don’t see the Prime banner in the thumbnail.

What is included with Amazon Prime Video?


Prime Video gives you access to thousands upon thousands of television episodes and movies that can be streamed on-demand. Prime Video, like Netflix and Hulu and other streaming services, offers original content and a mix of TV shows and movies from major studios. Amazon has some content you can see on other streaming services, but Prime Video offers exclusive movies and TV shows that can only be accessed through Prime Video.

It also makes original TV shows and movies. These original movies and TV shows are called Amazon Originals. They can only be streamed through Prime Video. Prime Video also offers “Freevee” TV programs that can be rented or purchased in-theater.

Amazon Prime can be viewed via your web browser, on your smartphone or tablet using a mobile app, on your TV with a game console, or on your television streaming device.

Go to in a browser to see all available categories, movies and TV shows that are available.

Prime Video allows you to view a small amount of live television, including live music concerts and sporting events. You can find them on the live and Upcoming rows of the Prime Video homescreen.


  • Amazon Prime Video is a cable replacement for cord cutters?

    Prime Video is not suitable for cord-cutters as it does not have live TV. Sling TV and YouTube TV offer live feeds from major cable and satellite networks, as well as on-demand content.

  • What does it take to buy a TV series on Amazon Prime?

    Click on the series page > Select the season number > Purchase Season. Confirm the purchase. You can click or tap on More purchase options to select from multiple formats such as standard and high definition (HD), or buy an episode.

  • What does Amazon Prime do with Apple TV?

    If your TV does not come preinstalled, you can download the Amazon Prime app from Apple’s App Store to view Amazon Prime on Apple TV. Log in to the Amazon Prime app to stream and rent free content, buy or rent movies, and subscribe to premium channels.