HP EliteDisplay S14 USB Portable Monitor Review

The $219 HP EliteDisplay S14 has a few awesome specifications for a transportable reveal, aleven though the niftiest of all boils right all the way down to one letter: “C.” This business-orientated tour reveal has a complete HD (1,920-with the aid of using-1,080-pixel) local resolution, the usage of a 60Hz panel with a 5ms reaction time. The indexed static assessment ratio of 700:1 is not anything to put in writing domestic approximately, however it makes use of an in-aircraft switching (IPS) panel, now no longer the lesser TFT LCD you would possibly expect. And it is powered—video sign and juice alike—entirely with the aid of using a USB Type-C port. If you’ve got got a late-version computer that helps DisplayPort over USB-C, that is a great 2d-display screen accomplice with the intention to double your computer area anyplace you tour, and be smooth in your eyes (and shoulders) even as doing it.


Compact, Slim, and Trim


When it involves transportable video display units, the pleasant of the photo is arguably similarly as vital as its bodily attributes, or possibly even a chunk much less so. This is in assessment to common computer video display units, wherein the photo you stare in any respect day is paramount. It will become a fixture of your paintings area, as everlasting and psychologically invisible as wallpaper. Grayish blacks, low refresh rates, and dim colorations simply are not compromises you need or want to make.

With a transportable reveal, aleven though, you could stay with a few visible compromises. Less so key mobility elements including length and weight and strength requirements. If you cannot healthy the aspect into your carry-on, you are now no longer going if you want to use it in any respect throughout that massive presentation.

The HP EliteDisplay S14 gives you at the bodily aspects, for the maximum part. The skinny bezel on 3 aspects of its display screen greater or much less fits what you spot at the cutting-edge ultralights and different laptops, and people are the form of mobile-minded gadgets you are probably to pair with this display screen. Seemingly diffused and inconsequential layout conceits like that cross a protracted manner closer to creating a product some thing which you without a doubt need to use. No one desires to park their svelte computer subsequent to a bulky-bezeled monstrosity of a reveal.

There’s a similarly visible stability to take into consideration. Portable video display units take a seat down facet with the aid of using facet with the laptops they may be related to, and they may be commonly approximately the equal length as the ones computer presentations. This stands in assessment to computer video display units that commonly loom over a related computer in your table. You need facet-to-facet mouse motion to be stage among the computer show and the outside one. Although you could effortlessly regulate that through Windows Display Settings, having  presentations which are bodily the equal length and for this reason aligned definitely helps.

The HP EliteDisplay S14, then, is a great accomplice for a computer with a 13.3-inch or 14-inch display screen. Those with 15.6-inch laptops might not revel in the equal symmetry. Being so small makes it greater transportable—it measures 0.34 with the aid of using 12.ninety one with the aid of using 8.2 inches (HWD) and weighs however 2.2 pounds—that’s a positive, however it is now no longer best if most display screen actual property is what you sincerely want.

The reveal comes with a magnetic cowl that doubles as a stand, that’s quite tons fashionable fare for those forms of gadgets. This cowl, aleven though, does not wrap across the complete device; it protects the display screen most effective. It holds itself in region as a substitute firmly, so that you do not need to fear approximately the duvet sliding off and exposing the show to scratches and the like, however I desire it failed to depart the lower back exposed. Over time, it will get banged up.

The cowl-as-stand sincerely offers you most effective one orientation: a horizontal layout with an about 15-diploma leanback. And unfortunately, the HP EliteDisplay S14 does now no longer paintings in a vertical orientation in any respect. The show photo might not rotate, smartphone- or tablet-style, even in case you discover a manner to prop up the panel on its slim edge. I’d favor to see a bit greater flexibility here. Being capable of select amongst 3 angles or maybe among simply  might cross a protracted manner.

The unmarried orientation and position, at least, is robust enough, such that I’d experience snug leaving it propped up on a table and on foot away to do some thing else with out annoying approximately it falling over.

The most effective oddity approximately the magnetic cowl is that the magnet is bulky, so there may be a huge bump on the bottom of the reveal. It’s now no longer the maximum appealing aspect, aesthetically speaking. I involved first of all that it might cause instability, however the relaxation of the duvet-as-stand compensates admirably. I think the electricity of the magnet and its length are a trade-off this is really well worth making.


Controls, Presets, and Connectivity


The HP EliteDisplay S14 has a strength button on its left edge; the vital USB Type-C port is on its right. It comes with an about six-foot-lengthy USB Type-C cable, so that you’ll have lots of period no matter which facet of your computer your USB Type-C port is on and the way some distance away you need the reveal to be.

The cable period is a double-edged sword, aleven though. It can be exquisite in case you want the power to transport that 2d show round, including in case you’re giving a presentation round a convention room table. If, on the opposite hand, you are seeking to healthy your self and your loadout onto, say, a small Starbucks table, this is numerous more wire. You would possibly need to have some other brief cable accessible for instances like the ones.


The Power Button


Note that there may be no separate strength wire for the HP EliteDisplay S14. All the juice is provided with the aid of using the USB Type-C port in your PC. This is one of the first rate benefits of USB Type-C. The unmarried-cable option to strength (through USB Type-C’s Power Delivery, or “PD”), audio, and video makes for a great transportable reveal setup, freed from muddle and unbeholden to a strength outlet.