Jurors have seen photos of a six year-old girl and the public has walked out of murder trial

A six-year old girl’s naked body was discovered by her father in the woods.

AleshaMacPhail was discovered unconscious at her house in Scotland. She was there with her family on the Isle of Bute.

Legal reasons prevent the identification of the 16-year-old boy. He denies abducting his victim, raping and then killing her. He is currently in Glasgow High Court.

Alesha was three months old when Robert, her 26 year-old father, split from Georgina, Alesha’s mother. The jury heard her tell the story that Alesha was staying at Robert’s parents home. Alesha last saw him when he laid Alesha to sleep with a Peppa Pig DVD. He said, “See ya in the morning.”

After that, he returned to Toni Louise McLachlan’s room to watch porn. When his parents alerted, he discovered Alesha was missing.

He also revealed to the jury his knowledge of the accused and claimed that he had sold him cannabis before.

Robert MacPhail, 26, left, told a court he last saw Alesha the night she was killed on the Isle of Bute, Scotland. He assured her that he would see her soon, then put her down with a Peppa Pig DVD.

Alesha was visiting her dad in Scotland. He is shown in front of the Glasgow High Court. Alesha disappeared overnight while he was watching porn with his girlfriend.

Alesha (16) was raped by Mr MacPhail and then killed. The court was also informed that he had divorced Georgina Lochrane three months prior to her birth.

Mr MacPhail claimed that the teenager had been texting him asking for drugs the day before her kidnapping.

He claimed that his daughter was on summer holiday with her grandparents at Rothesay. She had also been to a party near Airdrie (North Lanarkshire), before returning to Rothesay.

At 1.39am, Mr MacPhail received a series of messages from the accused. The father claimed that the messages were not known to him until later in the day.

Mr MacPhail indicated that, although the teen hadn’t been to the house before he could have been at its front doors.

He claimed to have sent me messages using his Facebook account.

“He and his sister had sent messages to their accounts that night. “

Asked by Mr MacPhail whether he received the messages, which were sent at 1.39am on July 2, 2013, Mr MacPhail replied, ‘No. I was unaware that they were mine at the time.

McSporran answered, “Why would you contact me?” “

Mr MacPhail claimed he wanted cannabis.

Pictured Ms. Lochrane, one of the relatives that left court today briefly, was shown graphic photos of Alesha’s body by the jury

He admitted that he sold marijuana to his sister. However, he claimed that he stopped selling drugs 3 months before being resisted and arrested by the boy’s mother.

Brian McConnachie (QC), cross-examination revealed to the court that the couple had split between March 2017 and September 2017.

Mr MacPhail received questions about domestic abuse allegations that were made between him, his girlfriend, and a neighbor.

The court heard Mr MacPhail inform the court that Toni had been 16 when he first met her and they rekindled their relationship six years before Toni’s passing.

“But there wasn’t any abuse. “

Alesha was denied the trampoline outside her garden.

Later, Mr MacPhail remembers the moment she disappeared and said that he searched both the ferry port as well as the taxi rank along with his girlfriend.

The mother of McPhail wrote a Facebook request for more details and McPhail, his girlfriend, walked out.

They found an ambulance and the search was over.

He stated that the police wouldn’t tell him anything. They escorted him to a police station.

MacPhail shared that his daughter loved spending time with him on the island, whether it was playing at his beach or simply being with him.

Alesha responded that it was great to be in a relationship with Ms McLachlan.

He stated that they both loved one another to their core. “


Alesha (49) and Angela King (47), both shared their horror at Alesha not being with them.

CalumMacPhail 49 Alesha’s grandfather said to the court that the last thing he saw Alesha was when she entered his bedroom and jumped on it.

The court heard him say that her last words were, “Goodnight grandpa.” “

Alesha didn’t find him in bed the next day when he got up at 6:45 to start work.

He alerted his family and told the court he had searched the entire house, including under the beds and in the wardrobes. He could not find any signs of her.

The grandfather quickly set foot in Bute’s streets in search of Alesha.

He saw police tape in an area that was cordoned off.

The security guard stood at the top of the flight of stairs that lead to the former Kyles Hydropathic Hotel.

Mr McSporran-‘Did it assume anything?

He said, “When I saw a paramedic go up and down stairs, I assumed they had discovered…Alesha or someone else.” “


Alesha, a woman from the Isle of Bute, was found dead in the forest. The nearby woodland contained a knife and clothing suitable for men.

A family asked for information and was told that they should go to the nearest police station.

Mr MacPhail was tearful and explained to the court why officers had announced Alesha’s passing.

He said that “We were taken into a room.” A cop came back five minutes later and said, “We found her, but she had passed .”.’..” “

Calum received a statement from Mr McSporran saying that he was the prosecutor.

Angela King, his 47 year-old wife, later described their child as ‘a beautiful, beautiful girl’.

Her husband’s pleas with police during the search for the girl were brought back to her mind.

She said that Calum had said that if it’s my granddaughter on top, I would like to know. “

Mr McConnachie cross-examined her and asked her later if Robert knew anything about drug dealing.

Mrs King said, “He didn’t confess it but he had my suspicions.”

Alesha was 16 years old when Alesha was murdered. Ms McLachlan filed a special defense.

The jury was shown horrendous photos of her corpse and her family fled court before they were revealed


Accordingly to the court’s report, forensic officers discovered a kitchen knife near the scene.

He stated that the father had never before allowed the accused to enter his home.

Also visible in photos were a knife, as well several pieces male clothing, including a pair of jogging pants and boxer briefs. They were found near her body.

Images displayed a pair of gray jogging trousers for men, with a pair underneath.

They were discovered along a beach that was only a few meters away from Alesha’s death.

The jurors were shown photos of the accused’s kitchen. Advocate deputy Iain McSporran said that the knife found at the beach was identical to the one found in his house.

Photographs of the MacPhail 3rd-floor apartment on the third level showed a pushchair for children as well as a doll.

Brian Ferguson, scene manager, reported that a black jacketed top was also found by someone from the public farther down the beach than where the trousers and shorts were.

Ferguson was the first to arrive on the island on July 4. He was asked to take photos of clothing during the early morning hours on July 5.

Ferguson claimed that the flowers were brought by a member of the public to the area near the shore road.

He claimed that the item had been found in a trash bin at Rothesay police station.

She claims she did not steal the child from her bed but instead assaulted and murdered her.

He also denies trying to overthrow the justice system by disposing of clothes, a knife and clothes.

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