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Kong Classic Dog Toy

Kong Classic Dog Toy

Kong classic Dog Toys

Kong classic Dog Toys





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  • Very Durable
  • Can Hold Treats
  • Many Size and Age Options


  • Dogs May Tire of the Toy

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about kong

kong dog

Some dogs can find a way to destroy just about any toy. When nothing else can withstand your dog’s heavy chewing, Kong is the best company to turn to. Kong’s founder, Joe Markham, ran into the same issues dog parents run into to this day. His dog chewed up everything, and nothing could satisfy his dog. One day, while working on his car, Joe tossed a piece of rubber to his pup. The dog found the bouncy and durable rubber to be a great toy, and even better, he couldn’t destroy it. Joe was then able to produce a quality rubber toy that was not only fun and bouncy for dogs, but incredibly durable. Even aggressive chewers get a great deal of play out of all of Kong’s products.

kong's products

Kong has a variety of rubber toys that are specially formulated to suit the needs of every dog. Including puppies, seniors, and extremely aggressive chewers. No matter how rough your dog likes to play, you can find a Kong that will survive their chewing. Apart from the classic Kong shape, you can find Kong toys in a variety of unique shapes to keep your dog interested. We all know dog’s get bored with their favorite toys eventually; Kong’s toys keep them interested with fun textures and shapes to choose from.

Kong Rubber Dog Toys

Kong has a reputation for producing nearly indestructible pet toys, which is perfect for dogs who are known chewers. They have a variety of rubber dog toys that are virtually indestructible. If your dog manages to destroy every toy you put in front of them, it might be time to purchase a Kong. Kong rubber toys are available in a variety of sizes and unique shapes to keep your pup engaged and playing no matter how extreme their chewing habits may be.

puppy and a boy

The Kong rubber toy is available in four different variations; Puppy, Classic, Extreme, and Senior. No matter what size or age your dog is, you can find the perfect Kong rubber toy to satisfy their needs. They use only high quality, bouncy, and durable rubber in all of their rubber toys. We love their classic toy because it’s a fun shape that nearly every dog loves to chew on, has a great bouncy outside; it can also be stuffed with your dog’s favorite treats. While the classic Kong toys are some of the most durable dog toys on the market, they should still be regularly inspected for any cracks in the rubber. While not common, if cracks are found it is time to replace the Kong with a new one.

  How Can My Pup Use Their Kong?

kong ziggies

Kong knows how to entice dogs of all ages with their unique bouncy designs. Not only are they great for fetch and chewing, they’re also great as rewards. We know that most dogs are motivated by food, and Kong takes advantage of this in the best possible way. Their classic rubber toys are easily stuffed for a challenging reward. Treating your pup with a Kong will make the treats last longer and alleviate destructive behavior caused by boredom. Eventually, your dog will figure out how to get their favorite treat out of their Kong; to make it more of a challenge, you can begin freezing their Kong with treats. In the summer you can even freeze water or chicken broth into the Kong to create a fun popsicle.


We must stress the importance of pairing your dog with the correct Kong.  More aggressive chewers need to be matched with an Extreme Kong, as the Classic variation could tear when paired with the more aggressive pups. The torn rubber pieces could become choking hazards or become lodged in the digestive tract of your pup.  Homes with multiple dogs should in general purchase Kongs that fit the strongest chewer and biggest sized dog.

  Kong Classic

The classic Kong rubber is perfect for heavy chewers that need a durable and engaging toy to play with. They’re perfect for fetch, to stuff treats in, or just as a chew toy. The classic Kong is available in six sizes from XS all the way up to XXL.  Trainers, veterinarians, and most importantly, dogs, absolutely love these rubber toys. They’re great to give to your pup when you leave to keep them distracted and engaged, and reduce harmful behavior caused by boredom.

kong classic

  Extreme Kong

Extreme Kong black rubber toys are ideal for extremely heavy chewers that need the added durability of black rubber. Black rubber is ultra durable, strong, and safer for heavier chewers than typical rubber dog toys. The extreme version of this popular toy is available in five sizes from small to extra large on Amazon. The unique shape of these toys makes them great for bouncing, and they can be stuffed with your dog’s favorite treat or kibble. Engaging toys such as the Kong rubber toys help distract your dogs when you leave and prevent disruptive behavior and harmful chewing caused by boredom. They’re durable enough to withstand even the largest dogs and fun enough to keep them engaged.

  Kong Senior

The rubber used in the senior version of this toy is durable enough to handle heavy chewers but gentle enough for older dogs to chew on. The senior version is made with a gentle yet durable rubber to aid your aging dogs’ teeth and gums. The senior version is available in three sizes; small, medium, and large. The safe and effective rubber used in the senior version will keep your aging pup engaged and excited. You can put any treat you know will love inside and let the fun begin! Their unique shape makes them great for bouncing, for treats, and as a chew toy.

kong senior

  Kong Puppy

kong puppy

Younger dogs who still have baby teeth should be paired with a Puppy Kong of the appropriate size variation.  This is for the sake of their puppy teeth, which typically disappear around 8 months of age. The rubber used in Kong’s puppy line aids your dog as they begin teething and is gentle enough to support healthy chewing habits. The puppy toy is available in sizes extra small to large; and will help your puppy to develop healthy chewing habits, remove anxiety, and prevent destructive chewing caused by boredom. You can fill the toy with KONG’s Puppy Ziggies, puppy snacks, or any treat you know your pup will love. You can check out more of Kong’s puppy line here.

  Exciting Variations On The Kong Classic Toys

  Kong Bounzer

kong bounzer

The Kong Bounzer is great for dogs whether or not you’re there to play with them. The Bounzer has the same shape as the Kong Classic, with a unique twist. The Bounzer is more lightweight than the Classic Kong, and but compresses when your dog grabs it. As soon as they bite down, the Bounzer will release air, and then immediately bounce back to its original shape when your pup lets go of it. This creates a fun play experience for your pup while they’re chewing on the toy by themselves. We also love the Bounzer because it has a little handle on the top. This makes it great for fetch, you can easily throw the Bounzer great distances without much effort; especially considering its lightweight design.

  Kong wobbler

The Kong Wobbler is one of our favorite treat dispensing toys. The Wobbler is shaped like the classic Kong, but stands up until your dog pushes it around. It then wobbles around dispensing treats for your pup as they knock it over. The Wobbler is another great Kong toy that can help to eliminate destructive behavior caused by boredom. Your dog will be so excited to get their favorite treats out of the Wobbler, they won’t have time to do anything else. The Wobbler is not only great for treats, it can also be used at meal times to slow down your dog while they’re eating. Fortunately, the Wobbler is easy to clean, as it is dishwasher safe.

kong wobbler

The Wobbler has one small hole in the front that dispenses treats as your dog plays with it. The bottom also untwists from the top to allow you to fill the Wobbler with just about any kibble or treats. It’s very safe for dogs as it’s made with food-grade high strength polymer. The Kong Wobbler is available in two sizes right from Amazon. The smaller size fits 1/2 cup of food, and the large fits a whole cup of food for your pup; perfect for meal times! We would highly recommend this toy for heavy chewers that need a new toy to make meal and treat times more exciting.

  What Can I Fill Them With?

These Kong rubber toys are perfect for both hard and soft foods. Anything from peanut butter, to your dog’s favorite treats will fit nicely into all versions of this bouncy toy (they’re also easy to clean). If you’re in need of a durable healthy chew treat to put inside, Kong makes treats specifically for these toys; Ziggies, easy treats, and Stuff’n Snacks. All three treats are designed specifically for these rubber toys to extend playtime and keep your pup engaged. 


The Ziggies are the perfect durable chewy treat to keep your pup occupied while they play. They’re a high protein, low-fat, and highly digestible chewy treat. You can purchase either a large or small size depending on the size toy you purchase. They last twice as long as most chewy treats, and are healthy (and tasty) enough for nearly every dog. These treats have a great chewy texture to clean your dog’s teeth and even keeps their breath smelling great. They have a great chicken flavor to keep your pup excited and engaged while they play.

kong ziggies

Ingredients: Ground Wheat, Gelatinized Wheat Starch, Chicken Meal, Glycerin, Dextrose, Poultry Fat (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols), Propylene Glycol, Natural Poultry Flavor, Wheat Protein Isolate, Oat Fiber, Salt, Potassium Chloride, Lecithin, Sorbic Acid (a preservative), Iron Oxide, Parsley Flakes, Rosemary Powder, Nutmeg Powder

  Puppy Ziggies

Kong’s puppy ziggies are the perfect chewy treat to put in their new rubber toy to keep them active and playing. They’re full of protein that growing pups need, calcium, and are even beneficial for their teeth. These treats are low in fat, and are durable enough that they won’t be cracking or breaking apart. The puppy ziggies are designed specifically with aggressive little puppies in mind; made specifically for the KONG puppy rubber toy. They not only freshen breath, but because of their unique shape they’re able to clean the tartar and plaque off of your pup’s teeth.

  Stuff'n Easy Treat

Kong makes a delicious paste that can be easily stuffed into all variations of Kong’s rubber toys. They’re available in a variety of flavors for dogs of all ages to enjoy. Each can contains around fifty servings, perfect for stuffing in a variety of treats. They’ll keep your dog busy and engaged until every last bit is licked out of their toys. The puppy easy treat is perfect for growing dogs that need a healthy treat that’s easy on their stomach. The cans are easy to use and are made with a special formula just for puppies. They have a delicious chicken liver flavor and are full of protein and calcium for your growing pup.

 You can also purchase the easy treats in liver, peanut butter, bacon & cheese, and pepperoni. All of these delicious flavors are easy to apply to the grooves of the various Kong rubber toys, or to stuff inside their classic toy. The cans are affordable, full of protein, and have a delicious taste to get your pup excited for playtime.

   100% Natural Stuff'n Snacks

kong treats

Kong snacks are available in a variety of delicious flavors just for these rubber toys. They’re made with quality natural ingredients to keep your dog engaged and excited to play. Depending on your dogs unique tastes you can try the peanut butter, cheese & bacon, liver, or the puppy version. Each flavor contains a unique blend of ingredients to benefit your dogs health, no matter what age they may be. They’re high in protein, low in fat, and have a crunchy texture to satisfy your pup.

These delicious snacks are 100% natural and are perfect for either the rubber toys or just as a healthy snack. Most flavors are available in either a 7-ounce size or an 11-ounce size on Amazon, depending on the size toy you purchase. Each treat is about 4 grams and less than 10 calories per treat. You can easily extend playtime, and reward your pup all with one convenient treat.