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Our Top Dog Toy & Treat Companies That Give Back

Our Top Dog Toy & Treat Companies That Give Back

Coming Soon, we’ll feature a handfull of companies that we adore, not only for their wholesome products, but for their contribution back into the pet world. Companies like Natural Balance, Thundershirt, and Lazy Dog are leaders in the pet community service world. There’s no better feeling than supporting these brands when you know your money is going to a great product as well as a great cause. Since all pet brands support pets through their products, we think they should also support them through local pet charities and donations. It’s such an easy way for pet-centric companies to give back. We’ll create a list of pet-friendly brands who live to help animals so you have a great idea of which companies to support in the future.

Natural Balance

If you’re already have to buy products for your dog like food, supplements, treats, and toys, you might as well support one of these awesome companies.One of our favorite companies, Natural Balance, is partnered with Guide Dogs for the Blind which helps animals as well as people. They also have a Non-Profit Rescue Program which helps newly adopted dogs try Natural Balance. They even accept single-event sponsorship requests and help countless organizations with product support.

If you purchase Natural Balance products regularly, you may also want to try out their UPC Charity Rebate program. All you have to do is save your proof of purchase unique product codes (UPCs) and original receipts. Once you collect 50 UPcs and receipts from certain Natural Balance products, they will send you a check to give to a qualifying animal rescue. Click here to see if your dog’s food qualifies for the UPC Charity Rebate Program. You can also quickly download the official UPC Charity Rebate Submission form at the link above.

To hear more about Natural Balance, and our other favorite dog supply companies that give back, stay tuned!