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Travel Necessities For Dogs

Travel Necessities For Dogs

Travel Necessities For Every Dog

Dog Travel

Let’s face it, traveling with your furry friends can be stressful. Keeping them safe, calm, and occupied during extensive trips can become difficult. When road tripping with your pup there’s only one thing you need to remember – preparation is key.  Many pups jump at the opportunity to ride along with you, so why not make the trip as enjoyable as possible? With a little bit of preparation, you can ensure that your trip is fun, stress-free, and above all else – safe. We searched the internet for some of the highest quality travel products for your furry friends to make your trip preparation as easy as possible. Whether you need something to keep your pup calm and safe, or even just to keep your trip more organized, we’ll help you find the right products to suit your needs. 

For the Overnight Traveller:

Overland Dog Travel Bag

Whether you’re going to the dog park for the day or taking a lengthy vacation, the Overland Dog Gear bag will help you stay organized. The bag is lightweight yet durable and able to hold just about anything your pup needs during a trip. It includes two collapsible dishwasher safe water and food dishes, as well as a mat to keep the area clean.

You’ll immediately find that this bag will keep you organized no matter how crazy your travels get. There are a variety of secure pouches, pockets, and zippers that allow for plenty of storage, and up to thirty cups of dog food. The bag also comes with two lined pouches that easily carry food, water, or treats to keep your pup occupied. If you’re flying with your pup you’ll be happy to hear that the bag easily attaches to suitcases to make traveling easy and even meets airline carry-on requirements.

Dog Travel Bag

For the Safety-Conscious:

Friends Forever Seatbelt Leash

Dog Car Seat

Seat Belt leashes are a great way to keep your dog safe in the event of an accident, sudden turns, and stops. When paired with a harness, they can absorb some of the force (much like a regular seat belt), and keep your pup in place. The Friends Forever seatbelt leash will make road trips with you pup much safer. This particular seatbelt leash was even the winner of the San Fransisco Pet Association’s Pet Safety Award. Its durable nylon construction and adjustable design make it a long-lasting and practical choice for dogs of all sizes. 

The straps are adjustable between 20 and 32″, and easily buckle into all conventional car buckles. All of the metal used to make the seatbelt leash are made from U.S. industrial level steel making them ultra durable, and able to last a lifetime. However, to make this product safe for your pup, make sure to only attach it to a harness. Never use this product with a collar, you could end up doing more harm than good.

Not sure this is the right choice for you? Check out our top list of seat belts here. 

For the Back Seat Rider:

Devoted Doggy Booster Seat

The devoted doggy booster seat is great for pups that need a comfortable and safe place to sit while you’re driving around. Your pup will love this booster seat because of it’s soft and luxurious inside; you’ll love how safe and supported it keeps your pup while you’re driving. It includes soft padding for your pup and is high enough for your pup to see out of the windows easily. The seat also has an adjustable safety leash to keep your dog safe and in place during sudden stops.

Dog Booster

The booster seat is also easy to install; all you have to do is slip one strap over the head rest, and the other clips underneath the seat. It’s also made with a metal frame rather than a cardboard frame to prolong usability and prevent the base from losing its shape. The inner lining will keep pet hair from dispersing around your car and is also easily removable for washing. The booster seat is 14″ wide, 7″ deep, and can hold dogs weighing up to 20 pounds; it also includes a pocket with a zipper to keep your pup’s supplies organized on long trips.

For Those That Shed:

Just 4 Pets Seat Cover

Dog Seat Cover

The Just4Pets Seat Cover will keep your car clean and your pup comfortable during messy adventures. It’s both waterproof and non-slip to prevent your pup from sliding around while you’re driving. You’ll also be happy to hear that the cover is machine washable; keeping it clean and smelling great even after the messiest of trips. The dimensions of the cover are 54″ by 58″, easily fitting inside cars and large SUV’s. The cover is easy to install, with adjustable anchors that easily loop around the head rests. You’ll be happy to hear that it also has a hammock feature that can be easily attached to the front seats to prevent your dog from jumping to the front while you’re driving.

For the Active Pup:

For Dog Premium Collapsable Travel Bowl

These lightweight travel bowls are a convenient way to make sure your pup is satisfied on the go. Whether you’re hiking or going to the dog park, you’ll find that they’re the perfect size for active pups. The bowls are made from dishwasher safe BPA-free silicon, and easily collapse while you’re traveling. These travel bowls come in a set of six with clips, so you’ll always have clean bowls ready to use when you’re on the go. All of the bowls have a 5-inch diameter and are able to hold up to 12 ounces (1.5 cups) of food or water. These bowls are the perfect size to pack away in the car, your pocket, or even your purse.

Dog Bowls

For Young and Old Dogs:

Solvit Pet Ramp


Pet ramps are great for dogs with joint problems, or pups too small to jump in and out of a tall car or truck. If this is your first time using a ramp with your car, some training may be required. You can make them more comfortable by first laying it flat on the ground and allowing them to walk across it; you can then elevate it slightly, and increase the elevation routinely until you place it against the car. This will allow your pup to warm up to the elevation and give them more confidence.

The Solvit Pet Ramp is one of the most popular pet ramps on the market, and after some research, we can see why! This ramp is one of the most affordable ramps we’ve seen considering it’s various benefits. It weight just 10 lbs, and is able to support pups up to 150 lbs. The ramp is 57″ long, and 16″ wide, making it ideal for just about any vehicle or small staircases. Unlike a lot of other ramps on the market, this ramp is easy to clean; it’s also made with a high traction material to ensure your pup feels safe and sturdy as they walk up and down. Unfortunately, the material that they use to give the ramp traction can be too rough on some dogs’ paws. You can, however, put a piece of carpet on top of the ramp to make it more comfortable for them.

For the Snuggly Travel Buddy:

IMK9 Travel Bed

Travel beds allow you to keep your pup comfortable at home, on the road, in hotels, and just about anywhere you go with your pup. The dimensions of this bed are 42″ by 38″, able to fit in most trunks and large dog crates. The bed has a soft and cushioned top layer to keep your pup cool and comfortable. You’ll also love that the bed is easy to clean and easily rolls up when you’re traveling. The bottom of the bed is also highly durable and water-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use as well. Considering it’s low cost and high-quality material, this is one of the best beds you can get for the money.


For Every Dog Mom and Dad:

Wag'n Ride Car Organizer

wag'n ride

Keep your car organized when you’re traveling with your pup with this multi-use car organizer. The various pockets and compartments allow you to store all of your dog’s necessities in one place without making a mess in the car. Made of durable polyester, the Wag’n Ride car organizer is a heavy-duty way to store your dog’s favorite things. The bag is 15.5″ wide, 11″ high, and 4″ deep. It also has an adjustable strap that easily fits over any headrest in your car. The main compartment easily stores up to 24 cups of dog food and easily wipes clean. It also has 3 outside storage compartments that can fit your pup’s necessities, such as water bottles, treats, toys, and leashes. You’ll also love that the organizer has a built in poop-bag dispenser.

Pet Stain & Odor Miracle

Last, but certainly not least, we all know the smell of a car after a long road trip. The Pet Stain & Odor Miracle enzyme spray is one of the best odor removers that you can find. We love this product because it offers a safe and healthy way to remove just about any odor that can linger including urine, drool, vomit, and feces. Any unruly smell your pup brings into your car can be removed with this spray. It’s also safe to use on hardwood, carpet, dog crates, upholstery, and on dog beds. This particular spray is also safe to use around your pets and children. They’re one of the few companies that don’t test their products on animals, and even donates 10% of every sale to animals in need. This is truly a product you can feel good about buying for almost any area affected by your pup.

Dog Odor